John Smith Provides Some Details on the Cowboy Challenge Tournament

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OSU will host the tournament on Valentine’s Day.

I really like the idea of the Cowboys having a tournament like they used to have regularly in the mid and late 1960’s. Not sure when that concept stopped. I admit I am disappointed in the teams invited except for Missouri. Hopefully the tournament will become an annual event and it will turn into something prestigious by only having high quality teams. Glad to see they don’t have to travel all the way to Wyoming this season. Should get some publicity out of it to woo some recruits since it will be streamed. Who are the announcers for ESPN+ wrestling broadcasts? This is the first season I have subscribed to ESPN+, mainly so I can see AJ Ferrari and eventually Daton Fix. Will his suspension be up by the time the tournament happens? I thought he was supposed to be allowed to wrestle starting in Feb.