John Smith to Call Wrestling at the Olympics

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The people get what they want.

Kind of surprising. He kind of slow on interviews.
But who knows more.

Man I have to give you a little guff because the wrestling threads are generally positive and supportive in comparison to the football and basketball threads where everybody just fights all the time.

So here we go, and this is all in good fun…
“There’s probably a Gundy thread somewhere that you can do your coach bashing”.

Please don’t get mad.

I didn’t know John called the Trials. Makes me want to go back and watch some just to get my Smith fix.

Well say I was surprised is in no way bashing Smith.
The guy knows his stuff. But in interviews seems to be glack luster. So not bashing but suprised.

Any i like all the coaches. And they all have their ups and downs. In future if u see me bashing a coach I’m really bashing who I’m posting to.