Josh Sills Signs with Philadelphia Eagles as Undrafted Free Agent

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Sills is headed to Philly.

“Josh Sills went undrafted this weekend”

I’m glad the PFB college football expert (Robert) was right when he said Sills would be drafted.

What ever joy. He should have been.

All you’ve said the entire time was he would get drafted. I’ve told you the entire time he might get drafted late or end up being an UDFA. I guess maybe I do know a thing or two?

Meanwhile, the guy that you continuously say sucks and can’t catch a football went 73rd overall. Maybe you aren’t wrong about everything, but you were incredibly wrong on this one.

Lol. Joy let me ask you something. Do all drafts work out?
Here is a good example of the nfl draft.
Prudy got drafted after Skylar. I would find it hard for any one that can defend that beside a ksu fan.

Nfl spends alot on combine numbers. It’s worse in base ball. If you can throw a ball 100 mph you will get draft.

Back on woods I hope the best. He will have to block and catch balls.

Whoa whoa whoa. No one ever said you didn’t know anything. You know how to…

  • Pack into a hilariously undersized car
  • Spray a seltzer bottle
  • Apply Whiteface makeup in the traditional “tramp” style
  • Use a bulb horn
  • Distract a bull
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Go ahead and keep piling the excuses. Eventually you’ll make enough of them they’ll reach heaven’s gates. Zero offensive players drafted. Looks like we better do a better job on offense next season.

I did think Sills should have been draft and a out side chance for Warren.
I made no excuses in my last post. Dnt confuse your crying as others making excuses.

Trying to save face are we?

What are you talking about joy. Your tge one who is to scared to make any predictions. Look I’m not scared if my predictions dnt come out, I get as many or more then guys who get paid.

Nope. You just get it wrong and then make a bunch of crap up that has nothing to do with it when you do.

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God you are a loser.

Ok, there are probably 60-100 surefire people who will get drafted. The other 200-ish guys are just crap shoots based on how the team scouts parse out the rabble. Ths only guy I was pretty sure would get drafted was Rodriguez. I thought Sills was a fringe guy, might go 7th round, but I’m kind of shocked KHP didn’t get drafted but Holmes did. There’s no question to me that KHP is better than Holmes, but the scouts almost definitely watched them play less than I did as a fan because they’re trying to evaluate thousands of players.

Picking rounds 4-7 doesn’t make you some kind of genius if you get some random pick right. It just makes you lucky. To guage your intelligence, I’d look back at your body of work in which you’ve proven to be an idiot.

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Since Gundy only gets someone in the draft’s first 3 rounds about 50% of the time, if you are predicting one of Gundy’s guys getting drafted it’s intelligence not luck to say 4-7.

All right, champ. Here’s where we are in the world today: we’re in the NIL era. We need Gundy, or at least Gundy’s recruiting strategy, more than ever. The high-profile guys are going to be pay for play. If Gundy can get us 12 wins with not one player in the top half of the draft (which is kind of bull, Rodriguez is going to be a top half talent, but whatever). We’re going to need under the radar talent or we need some foolish business owner to pay a guy six figures to be on a billboard.

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Mlb drafts are weird but you can understand them. Nfl has basically 7 or so. A limited amount. Teams just seem to think it’s ok to waste them.
I love the fact weeden got draft so high. But, the browns wasteva high pic. Weeden had no mobility.
Williams from the osu basketball team got draft by the chiefs, had not played football in 4 years.
We can make a very big list of busted pics.
Why was Skylar picked before purdy, makes no sense.
I want our guys to get draft but I’m not losing sleep over it

If all of that is the case, once Cincinnati joins, you’ll never see 12 wins again. Of course 12 wins only comes once every 11 years just like 8 conference wins. So everyone might as well sit back and and enjoy the wait.
1 conference title in 28 seasons yeah!

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Explain why we won’t see 12 wins again.
So your saying Cincinnati only will stop us. Even ou could stop us from 12 wins twice. Your say fickel is better then your goons stoops and riley.

My body of work has proven that we totally undervalued Jelani Woods while he was here at OSU. I even said in 2019-2020 when he was still here “Why aren’t we utilizing this guy as an offensive threat and throwing to the middle of the field to him”?

You mean to tell me Bronco Mendenhall and the Virginia Cavaliers can figure it out, but Gundy and his staff couldn’t? Also, I’ve been saying the inconsistency on offense really needs to be addressed. Not a single player on offense was picked up in this draft. Looks like my body of work has proven me right yet again.

Lastly, we’ve seen two offensive lineman drafted from OSU in the last 12 seasons (Okung and Jenkins). Vanderbilt, for example, has four offensive lineman drafted in the last 12 seasons. The Kansas of the SEC can get more offensive lineman drafted than the supposedly “second best” program in the Big 12 currently. That just tells me we have a recruiting and development problem with those positions. So my body of work keeps proving me to be right about that as well.

All right, well like a dozen other people around here say the same stuff, so you’re just a boring normie and not insightful at all. Let’s get to why you’re an idiot, though. Every team has weaknesses. A coach that can still find a way to win is a good coach.

He didn’t need Jelani Woods to win the Fiesta Bowl. If he were integrated into the offense, we’re probably better do, but do we win even one more game? No one knows. We did win 12 games without him.

The offensive line was improved this year. It wasn’t spectacular, but it was better. We’ll see how it looks this year. We got one of those vaunted Vanderbilt linemen, so here’s hoping.

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