Josh Sills Using Experience to Motivate Cowboys after Tough Loss

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Sills was in a similar position in 2018.

I’m so glad players have a different mindset than fans. Pointing the finger directly at myself on this one. I’ve got to be better. Not allow one loss to mess with my week. Let it go and move on within a day. Go Pokes! Beat the Wildcats!

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Josh Sills should probably learn how to not be an ineligible receiver downfield (twice in the last 2 games) before trying to show anyone what leadership looks like.

Spencer hold the ball to long. Siles actually didnt get 2 Jenkins got the last one. Same play

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I’m glad we got siles. But yes joe not a 4 star. Like Sooners get.

You must be a troll, I’m agreeing with Robert. I haven’t seen a positive post from you in awhile
I get criticism is warranted in places but Gheez, let it go. The constant crying wolf even after a win doesn’t do anyone good. Do you just hate Gundy or the whole program? We will see in the next couple of weeks if they learned from the turnovers

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Not one positive post? I said I thought the defense did a really good job since they were forced to pretty much win the game.

Well when your goal is national championship then yes you get mad because it’s over. Now if you want just a big 12 championship you still got a fight. I’m for a national championship🤷‍♂️

What type of a lowlife loser are you to post a message like you did criticizing Sills? First of all, you were wrong with your statement - Sills didn’t receive an ineligible lineman downfield in the UT game. Second, do you not realize how good he is? He was West Virginia’s top lineman last year. Without him, our OLine play this year would be terrible. Third, he is unquestionably the vocal leader of the OLine group.
Leave the players alone - come after the adult who coaches the special teams if you need to vent your weak critiques toward someone.


When this defense is lights out better than what we have seen in the Gundy era, you are correct. Better than ‘11… I’m as frustrated as anyone with the turnovers, 540 yds to 250 for Texas, yea we should have beat them soundly
If Sanders does it against KState he needs to put him. No question… but he gives us another dimension on offense that’s hard to account for
Hell the Oline is in shambles

If he is so good then why was he not going originally start for OSU this season until transfers and injuries occurred?

He was always going to start. Other than Jenkins, he is without doubt the best lineman.

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Siles is a two time big 12 player. Always going to start. U always have trouble with the facts ,but u real dropping the ball on this one.

Qb and linemen have internal clocks. When u have a play that ol gets down to fast it’s a one off. But when u run the same play and 2 ol ( senior plus) are caught it’s more like Sanders is holding the ball to long.