JT Thor Recruitment Thread

Thought I would create a separate thread solely for JT Thor, such as what we have for Cunningham, Thompson, and Walker. Would be curious to hear more from @kyleboone about how OSU’s recruitment of JT started and if the thought is that OSU’s shot at landing him is truly contingent upon landing one of the two five stars we are in on?? His recruitment has been a bit of a mystery/non-public, as he doesn’t have a Twitter account. All I have really heard is that he came on the visit with Cade & Rondel around the time of the first FB game but doesn’t seem like there is an article out there on his thoughts on Stillwater, etc…

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From what I’ve heard (which is admittedly not a lot), we’re in good shape as long as we land CC or Bryce or are getting close to doing so. He wants to play with elite talent. I’ve also heard that if it’s not OSU in the end, he could go overseas, so it’s not like it’s us vs. UK or UNC here. It’s either being a Cowboy or going pro not in the US.

Worth noting that Corey Evans switched his prediction to OSU just yesterday… :eyes:


I love how many separate recruiting threads are necessary. It’s pretty great.


Also are we sure @cade isn’t the other Cade’s pseudonym?


Haha! I’m just glad to finally have some representation for the Cade’s of the world. We’ve been stuck waving the Cade McNown flag for far too long.


247 Sports has had JT at 100% OSU for some time now.

I think getting Cade or Bryce is important but maybe not an end-all be-all. I’m betting Thor comes.

As for how his recruitment came about, it’s been kinda interesting. He was originally a Class of 2021 recruit (and ranked as a five-star), but in August he reclassified to Class of 2020. Now he’s a four-star. OSU offered a month before he officially reclassified. I get the feeling that offer came knowing he was moving classes, with an eye on pairing him with Cade or Bryce (or both). He’s a 6-foot-9 big man with freakish athleticism and raw talent. Could be a really good fit.

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So I might have missed this but is there a timetable on Thor? Has he hinted at the early signing period or is this one to watch for a while?

He originally planned to commit in late August. Wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up making a decision sometime this month.

Any chance it’s this weekend?

I was looking him up today and 24/7 sports has him listed as 100% in on osu. I’d say our odds are good to get him. But honestly idk too much outside of that so I could be wrong.

Have there been any updates on Thor’s recruitment? In this social media crazed society, it’s odd (refreshing?) to not hear much from him. But that does mean there is little to no info out about him. The experts seemed so convinced that he was Stillwater bound, but does he actually commit/sign this week?

Rondel Walker just retweeted a JT Thor highlight package.


everybody runs to Rondel’s Twitter

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Mentions that Cannen recently went to his house, he plans to visit Kentucky and that overseas is a possibility but unlikely.

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This thread has been quiet for a few days. Has there been any news lately?

This is a week old but it’s something…

Kentucky: “I talked to them last week. They were saying just to keep working throughout the season and they’re going to check me out and stuff,” Sounds like Kentucky is slow-playing him to see if somebody they like better comes along.

Kentucky will always be busy with some other thing going on and can’t get together. Then will send him a 2am “you up?” text.