Junior College QB Ethan Bullock Making Official Visit to OSU this Weekend

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This could be interesting.

I’m calling right now: Costello is going to transfer. Why does nobody talk about him at all? He was a 4 star QB, highly thought of, and has already completed a red shirt year. But in all these columns and comments, the conversation goes straight from Sanders to Illingsworth. Has Costello flamed out that bad?

He was 3 stars. There’s no telling what OSU is thinking.

How come not more coverage of the other players coming to Junior day today?

People during the past season have mentioned Costello and it always sounded the same. People that have seen him practice reported he is not that good. That is all that has been said and that has never been stated officially, just hearsay reports. He might value his education at OSU rather than transfer to a smaller school.

He might end up being like Kolar& do the grand transfer right

How come no coverage of Junior day? It seemed to be host to a lot of good telent but Pistols Firing has be silent besides this QB visting

Can we really not do any better then this guy? Is Costello a bust already? I cant imagine Costello could be any worse than this guy might be. In my humble opinion, this guy is not even worth a Preferred Walk On status. We need to think bigger when looking at depth positions.