Junior, Morton leave team

This is interesting. Hopefully we can get more information about this soon.

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Can’t even begin to count all of the “Kyle Junior is going to be good for us!” takes. Which weren’t necessarily wrong, but…where are all of those people now? I was indifferent towards him.

What’s interesting is that, on paper, Kyle Junior and Jordan McCray had very similar resumes: starter but not a star at a low-level FBS school. It looks like McCray is going to be a valuable contributor, and Junior is gone.

I was excited about Junior because I was a fan of his old man when he was with the Cardinals back in the 80s. This is probably because I was 13 and thought E.J. Junior was a rad name.

Weird flex.



Also missing is the “Is Gundy a bad judge of character?”.

Of course, if someone leaves the basketball team, that’s what everyone’s freak-out question is. Because some idiots (you, perhaps?) hold Boynton to a higher standard than Gundy, which is outrageous.