Kaden Helms Includes Oklahoma State in Top 10

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The Cowboys are still in the mix for a big 2022 target.

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Considering a little we use the Cowboy Back in the passing game, I have to say he’s a long shot.

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Iowa state must be the one who gets him. They were listed twice.
Or a typo.

Going to have to use the TE alot more starting in the Spring game to get him or any TE,long shot bit fingers crossed. GO POKES

Because when you throw it to a TE 10-12 times a game and show you can send them to the NFL that becomes more appealing to a recruit than just lining them up as an extra blocker 98% of the time and attempting one pass attempt to them every game or two.


Jarwin was undrafted. Kolar is being projected as a 4th round pick. Like I said, going to a team that will actually use you and tell you they can get you drafted is usually more appealing than telling a recruit they’ll be another blocker and MAYBE they can get signed as an undrafted free agent.

Kosar is “going” to be the president of the United States because he caught a pass at isu.

Jarwin must feel he owes osu. He gave a big load of money back. Got involved with springfield’s scholarship offer.
The whole thing is jarwin is in the nfl Kosar is not.

No, he’s going to the NFL cause he caught 44 passes for 591 yards and 7 touchdowns at Iowa State.

Probably because Kolar hasn’t been drafted yet. Is it better to say “I got drafted” or to say “I was undrafted”?

Kolar has not been draft so ur an idiot.
If I was jarwin I would just say I make millions in the nfl.

Dude has 95 catches for almost 1,300 yards receiving and 14 touchdowns in the last two seasons as a TE. I’m very confident he’ll get drafted.

Blows out his knee he won’t

Corndog will be throwing pass for pro day tomorrow u can get there and shake his hand.

Semi-pro? Is that the best he could do?

He is still help the pokes im sure Wallace is happy. How do u know his career is not over.
But the biggest point is I knew u would like the info.
Something u do not offer.

I guess your right. He might be able to last a little longer than Johnny Manziel did in the CFL.

Now ur being positive. And in Canada cfl is not semi pro. Alot of guy have made there way to the nfl from cfl

So you think 12 players from the CFL going to the NFL in the 2020 season is a lot?