Kalib Boone Announces Return to Oklahoma State

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“22 is here to stay.”

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That’s good news for the frontcourt. I want that Kalib Boone that didn’t miss a shot over a 3 game span as a sophomore. That’s the kind of scoring efficiency we need from him.

Interesting that they’re splitting. Good for the team though.

Has a baby mom. Or probation.

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There had to be some kinda riff with the twins that they regressed this year. Maybe it’s the best they split. Shooting and FT were our down fall this year. I’ll give them an A on defense. If IS made the tournament with a lesser record in conference, we make it to at 15-15

If Kalib can somehow become consistent in his play, he would have more minutes. Team needs him to make that leap and consistently play at his full potential, which we have yet to see.
I think there is more to the story about why Keylan is leaving the team, but we are likely not to find out. It did seem that both of the twins at times this season were in the doghouse with coach Mike. But glad that Kalib remains. Will M.A. stay or transfer?

The craziest part about ISUs record this year is they haven’t lost a single non conference game. 17-0 against non Big 12 teams. If Boynton can get the team ready to play before February and eliminate the stupid non conference losses we make it to the dance easily almost every year.

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I vote transfer…