Kansas and the NCAA are at Odds, And the Fallout Could be Huge for OSU

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Is Bryce Thompson potentially in play for OSU?

Seems like the kinda break OSU never gets in Athletics.

I wish we would get Bryce but nothing will come down much on KU I don’t think. If it does Bryce will have already played a couple games as a Jayhawk in November or something. It’ll be too late unless he transfer in sophomore year to OSU then goes pro.

Very doubtful we ever see Bryce at OSU. I wish but nope.

Remember though, one of the main reasons he went to Kansas was that we had Cunningham. They play the same position, so that would at least limit his ability to show case his own skill. I really hope he does come to OSU, but even if he leaves KU, there is still a decent amount of doubt that he ends up here.

Can you think of a case where the NCAA dropped heavy sanctions on a blue-blood in either football or basketball?? It’s bad for business. Louisville is the closest example I can think of.

Bryce already spent his duffel bag money. He’s committed to KU for at least one year. Unless Nike pays adidas back, Bryce ain’t leaving KU for OSU.

Given Self’s long history with OSU and his close ties to the OSU coaches of the past ever since he was playing here, I hate to think that anything unethical was done at KU with his knowledge. More likely something might have happened with an underling. But, even that is unlikely. Self has had nothing but the best reputation and relationship with the OSU crowd. He has usually been given a very positive welcome on the OSU home court. How he acted with coach Sutton when KU was last in Stillwater says it all.

Some months ago someone published a text or cell phone message from Self that suggested he is not exactly a boy scout when it comes to recruiting. The wording of his message suggested he was giving the go ahead for payola for a recruit. It was pretty clear.

Other than when John Lucas came to Oklahoma State. But yeah it rarely works out for OSU. So I say we are due!

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As Tupac once said, Let Them Thangs Go! If it happens it happens, which I don’t think it will, waste of energy but gotta have content on a website.