Kasey Dunn Notes

Talked to an interesting source on Tuesday about Kasey Dunn’s impending move over to be Marcus Arroyo’s OC at UNLV and got some feedback that he feels like there’s a chance he might end up staying in Stillwater.

Source said 70/30 that he stays although he’s not as close to everything as he used to be. But 70/30! Also noted that OSU is working hard to keep him as we speak.

Kind of dovetails with me wondering why UNLV hasn’t announced the hire yet. Texas announced Yurcich like 45 minutes after the Ohio State-Clemson game, and it’s been four days since the OSU-A&M game.

Source also wondered whether it has to do with Gleeson going to Rutgers. As in, what if Gleeson goes to Rutgers and Dunn replaces him as OC. Fascinating stuff, and it wouldn’t be unprecedented. Remember when Josh Henson was at Arizona State for like 18 days? Maybe that but on a shorter timeline.


I’ve been wondering about this, how could we entice Dunn to stay and for how long ? Does Gundy pull a Schneider ?

Fingers crossed. This makes me hope Gleason goes and Dunn gets elevated. It wasn’t Gleesons offense, and maybe a turn of Events with Dunn staying would have Gundy let him control the passing scheme. Maybe Dunn can be our Joe Brady!!

If Gundy can end up keeping Dunn and getting a ST coach/recruiter I will honestly believe he might still have it. My lack of faith in Gundy centers around my belief that his best coaching is behind him and he hes too micromanaging on the offense. Dunn is someone I think can tell Mike to shut up and let him call the plays.


Next time, on Days of our Cowboys, Mike gets a shocking phone call!

“It’s…me, Mike. Can we talk?”
“Kasey? What in tarnation are you doin’ callin’? You left me for Marcus!”
“Yeah, well…I’m having second thoughts.”
“Are you now?”
“I…I miss you. I miss our home. Can I come back?”
“Of course you can!”
“It’s just…I don’t want to be wideouts coach anymore. I want you to make a commitment to me. I want to be your OC.”
“Kasey, you know I can’t do that…”
“What if Sean is out of the picture?”
“Mike…Sean’s not who he says he is. He’s…he’s an East Coast guy!”
dun dun dun
“No…no, that’s not true!”
“What’s more, I know that he wants to go back there. In fact…I can tell you where it is…”

Next time, on Days of our Cowboys!


“tarnation”, BHAHAHAHAHAHA…

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If the dominoes fall as they might, and Dunn isn’t made OC…my faith in Gundy will be in negative territory.

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How exactly can it still be in positive territory? It seems that it would take this move and giving up control to Dunn to nudge it back to neutral or slight positive

My question - How badly does Gundy want to keep Dunn?

Is he hoping another title change/raise will save him? Or is he willing to (gently) push Gleeson out to keep Dunn as OC?

What makes any of you think that Dunn would be a better play caller or game planner than Gleeson? Or Yurcich?

I didn’t realize anybody wanted Gleeson gone… The wrinkles he added to the offense were effective.


Similar to my previous question - Is it that anyone wants Gleeson gone? Or do we just want to keep Dunn that desperately?

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I didn’t say it wasn’t in neutral territory…

It’s Dunn’s longevity, and his experience with multiple offensive scheme changes that could really help.

I don’t want Gleeson gone, but I don’t care if he leaves because it’s Gundy’s offense, and we don’t know if Yurcich is going to be any good at Texas because of the same thing
Yes, I’d rather keep Dunn. And absolutely correct, we don’t know if Dunn will be a good OC, but That’s the way it works, Gundy needs to give up control IMO. I think Gleeson will leave if offered Rutgers based on what he said after the bowl game
Lee, As for Gleeson adding new wrinkles to the offense, what are you referring to? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I didn’t see anything noteworthy

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Plus he’s not scared of Gundy. He’ll run his own offense.

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There were several intricacies in the zone blocking schemes that came directly from the Princeton offense that Gleeson was running. There were also what they call “bang” plays where the running back would effectively act as a fullback as the QB would follow to the same gap. The way the tight end was used in blocking. The way more effective screen plays that we saw early in the season. Creative uses of motion in the offense.

There was also much more development about halfway through the season… from Baylor forward… on utilizing the middle of the field. We saw more TE seam routes. More slants. More option routes on the outside.

I don’t think it’s so much Gundy’s offense as much as it’s Gundy’s insistence on following the script that they draw up during the week. They also had to keep it simple to accommodate the inexperienced QB.

If Gleeson is retained, I would expect to see play calling get more creative in 2020. Probably get 4 or 5 plays per look the defense gives.

Again… There’s no way Gleeson would leave OSU for Rutgers. None. He’s far too smart for that… especially considering that the OSU OC position has a very proven track record of moving to a HC position (sans Yurcich). Rutgers doesn’t have that… and probably won’t.


I do believe Dunn wouldn’t be afraid to do more of his own thing. It would still be the Gundy playbook, but he wouldn’t listen to him nearly as often


Yea put me in the camp that doesn’t know if Dunn would be a good OC or a terrible one. I’m neither excited or bummed at the thought. I don’t think any of us could possibly know that.



If Dunn is promoted to OC, then Gundy is breaking his rule of the OC has to coach QB’s. So my guess would be Gundy hires a QB coach, instead of a Special Teams coach…

Welp my brain can’t process this information currently…wow