Kasey Dunn on His Wacky First Game as Offensive Coordinator

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It was an interesting first game as OC for Kasey Dunn.

Maybe it’s just me, but this was Gundy calling the shots on offense and not Dunn. I would think Dunn being a former WR coach would want to throw the ball when the run hasn’t worked at all through three quarters of play.

Gundy FINALLY knowing that he’s about to lose to Tulsa and have thousands of fans calling for his firing became so desperate that he FINALLY did the correct thing by putting Illingworth in the game.

So then what happens?

  1. 24 yard pass to Tylan Wallace
  2. 8 yard pass to Jelani Woods
  3. Chuba gets two plays for 10 yards
  4. 36 yard pass to Tylan Wallace
  5. Chuba runs it in for a TD from the 2

Literally an 80 yard drive on 6 plays is all it took with Illingworth in the game. What’s crazy is that it only took Illingworth one offensive drive to get OSU in the end zone for six when Bullock couldn’t do it in 5-6 offensive drives. I’ve seen film on Bullock during his JC days and to be completely honest this kid looks like he’s suppose to be the backup for UTEP and not OSU. How he ever made the team or got to see the field is beyond me. I almost felt like I was watching Alex Cate again.

You guys will all see it next week. Gundy is going to try and force something that will not work and ultimately lose OSU the game. Dunn being a rookie OC I don’t see Gundy giving him the freedom to call the shots on offense unless it’s desperation mode or WV is already blowing OSU out. I’ll just leave you with this


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Don’t know if Gundy turned back into Gumby or not w/ the playcalling control but it was turrible! Bullock looks slower than southern gravy, I wonder why we ever recruited that kid. Not saying you need a dual threat QB as QB2 but you don’t want a dude THAT slow unless he’s got a rifle like Illingsworth.

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And so if OSU romps on WVU next week will you post again an apologize?? Just curious…

Maybe, but Bullock had some serious accuracy issues as well so just as likely that they didn’t trust the qb

Joe doesn’t know football. Stick to your kids soccer

No. Because OSU isn’t going to turn this around in less than a week and more than likely even with Illingworth playing OSU is either going to slightly lose or slightly win.

Pokes aren’t going to win by double digits next week. This is going to be a defensive barn burner with each team trying to desperately get over the 20 point mark.

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Yeah lol…I know enough to know that Gundy will try the same thing next week that he did in the first three quarters against Tulsa despite Illingworth proving to him he can get the job done through the air.

New year, same idiotic fans

The question has always been if Gundy or the OC calls the plays or a little bit of both.

Since we have had several OC’s during Gundys career, and we see the same timid (safe) play calling, with little creativity, and minimal risk. It has to be Gundy making the big decisions. That also means the OC has to ask and becomes timid himself.

But Gundy is responsible for the end result and we score lot of points and lots of yards, so it can’t be all bad.

Our issue has always been depth. Championship teams have good players on the second and third teams at most of the positions.

I don’t think Gundy is calling the plays per se. I think Dunn is told to go by the play book until he gets more experience under his belt. The old fashioned, dog eared, tattered, outdated, vintage playbook is the essence of Mike Gundy. So it’s like the ghost of Gundy/Christmas past is being channeled by Kasey Dunn.
And yes, it always comes down to for any school to recruiting and coaching. Being critical is not the same as not showing loyalty to your school. You show loyalty by watching all the games. Loyalty should not make you feel compelled to turn a blind eye toward what you are actually seeing on the field. The reasons that Dunn cited for bringing in Bullock makes perfect sense. But once the coaches saw how ineffective he was, he should have been yanked off the field a lot sooner. It wasn’t a matter of Bullock needing more time to settle in. It was a matter of not having enough talent to play Division 1. football. If the fans could see that then the coaches also saw it, yet they kept the kid in there. It’s like in baseball. You bring in a relief pitcher and he is getting clobbered. You don’t keep him on the mound. You bring in the next guy, anyone, because the guy out there now does not have what it takes to get the job done. Anything else is just over thinking it. We will hear from Gundy on Monday about the thinking behind this. Probably will reiterate what Dunn said. A reporter should step up and ask Gundy why Bullock was left in there for so many plays when it was apparent that he was ineffective?

It is 100% Gundy with the play calling game plan. If you guys missed the first play of scrimmage with our ex OC in the Texas game then you would absolutely know that it’s Gundy’s offense and it will never change. MY called a slant to the middle of the field for a touchdown on the first play! He was never able to call that play at Oklahoma state. How many times have you seen our receivers run a slant since Holgerson was calling plays and Gundy said he was the only one who didn’t listen to him. Pat jones 2.0 all day every year and it’s not changing unless its the end of the 4th quarter and we are loosing and then and only then he might run something different. Hard to watch.

I’m on the fence on who is calling the plays. While we did see typical conservative Gundy-Ball, does anyone here really think that Gundy would have given the clear for a pass play on Illingworth’s first snap of his collegiate career?

That shocked the heck out of me (in a good way) and really seemed to catch Tulsa off-guard so it was a great call. Just not what I’ve seen from Gundy in the past.

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You did well till that last sentence, if you’re implying that’s kept us from winning the Big 12 again. With better playcalling we would’ve won perhaps two more B12 titles. The playcalling did little favors for Corndog, so I think you’re right, Gundy is controlling it too much.

If we can anticipate what the next play is, i.e. run or pass, and be correct most of the time as in 50+%, D-coordinators can too.

I’m an old geezer Gundy supporter, the kind all you young folks hate, but it is hard to argue the “relief QB” should have been pulled earlier. Bless his heart, he didn’t look up to the job. In some ways I am looking more forward to this true freshman’s coming years as he is what he is, a great passing QB, than Sander’s present years. I still think Sanders is great and enjoy watching him.

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It’s really hard to tell the full potential of Sanders at QB because of the condition of the O-line. So hard to judge him at all, so I don’t. I agree, it’s exciting to think about what the potential might be with that freshman QB. We will get an idea against W. VA. As I said before, I would like to see some different plays for Tylan Wallace other than just go long down the sideline and fight for an up for grabs pass. Gundy has told us he likes to keep doing what has worked. I think the opposing teams also realize this and know what to prepare for. As an old geezer myself, any of Gundy’s teams are a pleasure to watch compared to what we saw from 1966-1970.

Exactly!!! Because if the kid can’t get the ball down the field against Tulsa in two quarters of play it’s a sure sign that Illingworth should of been put in. Illjngworth should be played at least part of the third quarter.

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When you run the ball 800 times in a row, and the defense is almost committed 100 percent to the run, then your down 7-3 to Tulsa. Why wouldn’t he? This is a typical Gundy trademark bro. Play down to he level of the competition and then go to desperation mode to try and win. He finally realized a loss would only further encourage people to call for his firing. He still wants to get paid and barely get by to keep collecting that check. He won’t admit it in his presser though.

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He also enjoys doing what doesn’t work either.

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Eh, agree to disagree. If Gundy cared about that he would have started the 2nd half with Illingworth and not kept Bullock in for so long. And why wouldn’t he? An 18 year-old taking his first D-1 snap can often lead to disastrous things like pick-6’s and the like. That really wouldn’t help his job situation. If he was confident in Illingworth, Bullock would have never seen the field, especially for that many possessions… Not the first time, and probably not the last that Gundy made the wrong call on QB’s.

My thinking is that Dunn knew what he had in Illingworth and trusted him to put the ball where Tylan could get it. It was only a matter of time until Dunn also as the wide-receiver’s coach pushed to get his star wide-receiver involved. And it was obvious that Bullock couldn’t put the ball in the right place, thus interception.