Kendal Daniels Commitment Bumps OSU 10 Spots in Recruiting Rankings for 2021

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The addition of Daniels provides OSU’s class a huge boost.


Closer to the top 25 mark we should be at. Hopefully we can pull a top 25 class next year.


I believe this is Gundy’s highest per player average EVER.

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I hope you don’t off yourself if we come in at 26…we will be holding our breath!

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I hope you don’t choke on Gundys nuts too. You better hold your breath.

Once again ur talking about Gundys balls

Why did Daniels decommit?

Has OSU ever signed the #1 player in Oklahoma?
I know we signed Tramonda Moore but he never showed up.

Cause Texas A&M has better players than OSU. He would probably get a better chance for playing time at OSU in the future if his Cowboy culture is overflowing.

Does craziness hurt?

You can comment here but you won’t show any love for the bedlam sweep that just happened?

He says it was because the coach who recruited him left for Miami

What does crazy look like
I know u got rainman stuff going on, ur always mutting the same #'s.
U never did answer does it hurt u know being crazy and stupid.

Once again trashing our football players. Classy bro :100:

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How am I trashing the football players? Texas A&M finished 4th and we finished 20th. Jimbo Fisher is also a better coach than Gundy.

That’s not called trashing it’s just facts and truth. I’m not talking bad about the commit. All I’m saying is he has a better chance of getting playing time trying to be out a three star recruit than trying to beat out a four or five star recruit at A&M.

I see u got ur think cap on. Now Zipp up ur pants

Will once your done zipping up Gundy’s pants for him. Might as well since you always seem to be on your knees in front of him.

Someone must be upset that a coach was able to get two wins in one season against OU (again) while the other hasn’t been able to find his 3rd win in 16 seasons.

Here we go back to comparing football to basketball :man_facepalming:

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Unlike u I not only like it when osu wins I love it.

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