Kendal Daniels Commitment Bumps OSU 10 Spots in Recruiting Rankings for 2021

I love it when OSU wins too. Most of us can just tell when a coach is taking his job seriously and when a coach isn’t.

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OSU remains at No. 3 in the Big 12 and is now rubbing elbows with league’s bell cows in terms of 2021 talent. Before this move, it was OU and Texas and then the rest of the league. Now you can include OSU in the former.

I am thrilled that oSu football recruiting improved this year. Improving the player rating is cause for celebration. However, the analysis is lacking on the numbers being close to UT/OU and creating separation from other programs. FYI transfers don’t add points to classes for this analysis. Oklahoma State 207.34 (was 196.26) was going up regardless because they added a player to this class. Each signed player adds points is not like average player rating. Average player rating allows for apples to apples comparisons, but point totals do not. OU added 21 players to reach 267 (16 signed, 5 transfers) and UT added 25 (21 signed, 4 transfers) to reach 237. WVU (signed 16, 1 transfer) to get #4 results and 197 points. Ten points lower with 5 less players is why WVU has a higher player rating than oSu and has less points. Baylor signed 17 players and was 17 points lower. I fully expect the media relations of any program to ignore this reality, but my hope is the staff at PFB doesn’t use that approach. If fans want that approach they can hear it all day from Robert Allen.

This is a better class than in previous years and I hope that trend can continue. The trend I hope doesn’t continue is oSu signing maximum classes and over relying on transfers/walk ons to replace HS recruit defections.

2020 23 signed, 4 transfers
2019 21 signed, 4 transfers
2018 24 signed, 0 transfers
2017 22 signed

That is 94 players signed in 4 years or 116 in 5 years for 85 scholarships spots. ISU only had room to sign 18 players in 2021. Food for thought. Despite the 85 player limit oSu has never signed a class that small under Gundy.


That is what I’ve said it’s great were getting better recurits. Always a plus. But full classes helps in to ways. Depth and development.
Depth specially on defense has hurt us the most over anything else.
If any body remembers the old days of the big 8. How many games ou and Nebraska not only won but kill everyone in the 4th quarter

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