Keylan Boone Enters Transfer Portal, Kalib Boone Expected to Stay at OSU

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One of OSU’s best 3-point shooters is in the portal.

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Scott must have forgot he has a brother.
I saw this one coming. Should be at least 2 more.

I will be shocked if Kalib doesn’t join him. Hope Likekele leaves to.

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If we can keep Moussa, Rondel, Kalib, Thompson and Avery together, that’s a pretty good core.

I would like Ice to return. My “okay if he leaves” is Moncrieffe – athletic as all get-out, but always seemed to be dribbling an egg-shaped ball.


Wont be the last

I really hate losing either of the Boones but Keylan has the right game for the NBA and he probably needs to go play on a team that doesn’t rotate as many guys so he can log more minutes and put up more shots. I hope he makes the most of a new opportunity.

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I don’t think Likekely is coming back

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This portal is out of control. New team every year. I think boynton has a lot to do with telling them to go ahead and go because he’s job is to improve the team. I think he is really honest with them. Loosing guys to the portal in basketball doesn’t concern me as much with boynton than in football with gundy. 13 gone and 0 in return for the o’l Gumby mister.

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College sports is so out of control with the portal and NIL, play for pay. Musical chairs rosters each season. Change the lyrics, get rid of “loyal and true”, it’s no longer part of reality.
The flip side of the coin is that we were going to pretty much have the same team next season as we had this season, and that was not promising. So if somehow Boynton can convince some talent to join a program that just finished at .500, that will be better than the roster that we have had. The problem with the Boone twins is that we never saw consistent high level play. They had good games in spurts. Boynton never knew what he was going to get out of either of them from game to game. I don’t see either of one of them making it to the NBA. Hard to believe Kalib will remain here without Keylan.

Need to pickup a 3 point shooter from one of these mid majors. They can do tons of damage like we all have seen this past week. The defense is plenty good to sacrifice for a poor defender or two that can hit shots from deep consistently.

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Yea it is weird that Keylan left because I would have thought that Kalib would have left because of playing time.

I would like a point guard that can make a basket three feet or longer from the goal.

Personally, I think Kalib developed into a better player than Keylan did this season.

He will just be one of many to leave.
They don’t get any minutes.

I hate to see the twins be separated. I think they needed to be on the floor together more from the time they got here. They had been playing together their whole life and knew what the other would do or where he would be. That was on the coaching staff for not letting them get better as teammates. I have my doubts Ice will return and I cringe every time MAM touches the ball. If he put the ball on the floor it was a given turnover.

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I mean….the guy averaged 6 points and 3 rebounds a game. The only decent team he was able to score double digits against was Texas. He had 13 games where he didn’t even shoot over 40% for the game.

Against Iowa State he played 27 minutes and scored 5 points. Against TCU he played 20 and 21 minutes and scored 3 and 0 points. Against Texas he played 23 minutes and scored 0 points. Played 24 minutes against Houston and scored 2 points. Played 23 minutes against ORU and scored 5 points.

Is this really going to be that big of a loss? If he were getting more rebounds and assists per game then I could see why you would need him as a role player.

3rd String Cowboy Back: (transfers)
joe: (rends his shirt and sits in ashes, sobbing) If only Gundy used the tight end, he would’ve put up respectable numbers!

Basketball Player Who Played Significant Minutes: (transfers)
joe: Ah, who cares, that guy didn’t put up any numbers.


Joe didn’t even comment on that post. I know you don’t like the guy but not using the cowboy back is a massive mistake. Jelani Woods is a huge mismatch and he rarely was integrated into the offense. Look at the damage TEs do in the Big 12 and Dunn and/or Gundy are sitting on their hands about it. Virginia used him and now he’s most likely getting himself a big bag come next month.

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Looks like Jelani Woods proved him wrong. :man_shrugging:

All I know is I got tired of screaming at the TV “Throw it to the biggest man on the field!!!” while Jelani Woods was still at OSU.