Kickoff Time and TV Info for OSU-WVU Game Put in Six-Day Window

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You’ll have to wait to make any plans for OSU-West Virginia.

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We better be going into bedlam 10-1.

Did u hear ur guy wells got fired. Alot of talk about Paterson.
Why can other schools pull the trigger to fire bad coaches

Wells? The guy that was 2-1 against Gundy so far? Why would the fire a guy that was successful against the best coach in OSU history?

Their going after briles

I mean ur rite just beat gundy dnt worry about a winning record. Why would they want to go to chit bowls

By the way you were wrong when replying to my post in the other thread.

U left out Texas who are still in

Texas isn’t going to beat both Baylor and Iowa State.

Why not Texas is back

It would be best if gundy would just pull his head out and run a good offense. Then win out.

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Why can’t we be like tech. The ad just said they were going to do what ever it takes to make tech football great.

I don’t want to be like Tech. I just want to be able to beat Tech.

It’s funny u just want to beat those teams and they just want to be like us

I will say it’s not good for tech I think they only have 9 recruits. Going in to realignment.

Do we not sweep the Texas teams this year

Don’t know yet. While I don’t think Tech or TCU are any good we’ve proven as a program recently those are the two we struggle to beat. We’ll see what happens.

Well tech does seem to have the offense like they usaul do. Maybe with the fired coach the defense could handle them