I never heard any one calling Knowles a genius after 2018. Plus gundy told him he had to change his base.

Alot of people I fill are the same people. Who wanted more money for boynton and Knowles.

We all know what Knowles has done. But how is our program. after the bowl game will we have the players and coaches. Will he take a guy like Oliver with him. How’s our recruiting. I mean seriously we have no worries of losing kids from this class.

I am open to people defending Knowles. Explain to us all how we are better going forward.

I know Dana was here just one year.
Jug tells me we only won because of Dana.
Could this be true.
Did Dana leave us anything.
Will Knowles leave us anything.
Did he even recruit. Will he take players Jan 2.
Will the super seniors stay.

Another thought will the offense be better next year .we have seen alot of young qb play this year.
Tech is built a defense mite not see it next year.

I"m wondering if Gundy will pull the plug on Dunn after early signing and the bowl? I mean the Offense has been as bad as it ever has been and I wonder how much Gundy thinks that is due to the OC.

I blame the offense for doing a poor job in recruiting in 2 classes. Bad luck or poor players.
We have no jr or sr at rb and recievers. We’ll we have Anderson, and we’ve seen him play health what once.
Moore has made it into a game once for wsu. Glass was hurt before he got here.
With the 2 years of injuries is if anyone’s fault would be body by glass.
The offense did great for what they had.

We here all about how great this defense is. Last years was way better. The big 12 offenses in general were the worst they have been for years.

But go ahead and tell me all about this and that.

Next the offense will improve. And tge defense will have a harder time.