KState Game Predictions

Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I think our team bounces back strong!

41-31 OSU

38-35 Pokes on top

41-35 Good Guys

It’ll be within a touchdown either way - no blowout this week. I’m not confident in a win, though, since KSU has had our number in recent memory.

I see this game playing out similar to the Tulsa game.
It’s going to look really nice at times and terrifying for stretches. Ultimately Pokes win by double digits.
41 to 27


OSU needs to do a couple things they haven’t done the last 2 years against K State to win:

  1. Start fast and jump on them early. If OSU gets a 2 TD lead, K State is done. This is not a team built to come from behind. If they plod around with K State and let them take an early lead, OSU could easily lose this game.

  2. Play clean in special teams and no turnovers. It seems like every ■■■■ time we play them, K State either has a huge special teams play or a pick six that keeps them in the game.

This K State team isn’t all that different from the Snyder Teams. When OSU seems to have the better team, OSU either barely escapes with a win or they lose straight up. When K State has had the better team, they have pounded OSU. Gundy’s teams for whatever reason have never played well against K State. I seriously doubt we’ll blow them out. I, unfortunately, think this one will be close. 34-30, Good Guys.

If this game was in Manhattan, I’d be all over picking K State straight up. Glad this one is in Stillwater.

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K-State looks pretty good so I’m excited to see our plan against them. I’m thinking 41-39 Pokes.

We struggle with K-State when they’re down and we’re up, this year they’re led by a large group of experienced seniors and our team is very young. Our D-Line is going to be a saloon door for their O-Line so I believe they’ll slowly rush us to death in typical K-State fashion. I expect our offense to answer with 3 draws plays good for 6 yards. That is probably a bit of an exaggeration but I have a feeling most drives will probably end with a draw play for us. It’s been two years of losing to K-State and I think this year will mark three in a row. 31 - 21 KSU. I’m expecting them to have the ball for around 45 minutes of play time. Looking forward to being proven wrong though!

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I’m not going to be able to make it tomorrow so my tickets are up for grabs.

Sec 107, row 14 (last row against the rail so easy in and out). About the 15 yard line.

They’re listed on the exchange for $120 each so just let me know if you want em and we can work something out.