Kyle Boone Q&A

Hey y’all, I’ve shied away from talking much on here or answering questions regarding the Gundy/OAN T-shirt incident. But I’ve been reflecting on it the last few weeks and finally wrote about it on the site.

You can probably tell I am ready to move on from it, based on my recent silence on the subject. But I want to be transparent about the experience and put a bow on things before we do, so I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.


What’s your solution to the growing immigration problem at the border?
Do you think racism is bad?
Should Gundy recruit in the top 25?
Do you think @Carlfromwork’s words are too longified?
Is @leecothran really a jerk?
How many ‘nice reply’ badges have you earned?

Sorry, I ask the tough, hard hitting questions America really wants to know.

(nice article though, well written, and hopefully the morons who just need someone to hate, and base their existance off of that will now hush)


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Thanks @TotallyNotRook

But for real, I only have one question:


I don’t share your optimism that the bridge-dwellers will be silenced, but I concur that the article was thoughtful and well done.


Should we have an honest discussion about charter schools and public schooling?

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@TotallyNotRook, you know these questions are only answered in the super-duper-secret PFB-mega-plus forum.

But to answer your important question, my “nice reply” badges list is bigly.

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I may have missed it, but did you get any feedback from the Athletics dept, positively or negatively, after your post?

I shudder to think what this thread would have looked like just three weeks ago


I did not get any formal feedback from the athletics department. However, I did contact them for comment on the day the OAN shirt hit the fan, and the spokesman I talked with – who is usually long-winded and gracious with their time – was completely exasperated. Talked for 20 seconds. It’s been a really hectic few months at OSU between the NCAA ruling, Gundy drama earlier this spring and now the OAN drama. So I could tell they weren’t super thrilled about it … but probably had a lot to do with crappy timing.


Were you the one that bought those kayaks on Facebook Market last night? :face_with_monocle:


Wait, what? Lol

Check the outdoors thread. :sweat_smile:

Hahaha. Ok that’s pretty good. (Sorry @LWood)


Yes. Few anecdotes from players and parents about Gundy being distant or being a jerk. But nothing that rose to the level of reporting it out beyond what’s already been reported.


Oh I’m very aware. Go check the Cornona thread from Friday afternoon when you have a few hours to self-loathe.

BTW I already knew all the answers to the questions I asked, the answers are :
Sweet Pickles

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You’re beating me in “nice reply” and “good reply” but there’s really no doubt that I would be beating you in most dislikes if that was an option.

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Nice post, KB! (Sorry, nothing witty to add this afternoon) :slight_smile:

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Purely strategic!