Kyle Porter intervention thread

Folks, it has reached a crisis… we’re about to lose @kyleporterCBS completely to the dark side. After suffering through a long basketball drought and three seasons of football disappointment (2017 underachievement to expectations and 2018-2019 general unexciting results), our Pistols Firing founder has finally been broken. Evidence from these two posts during the Bedlam basketball game on Saturday:

“I’m just sick of all of it. We act like Gundy is going to win the Big 12 because he has a couple of NFL guys when we all know OSU is going to lose 1-2 games they shouldn’t just like they do every time they have a great team. And this basketball game finally broke me. I don’t care about Cade coming anymore. I want OSU hoops to be great so badly, and they’re never going to be. They’re Texas football. It is what it is. All of it sucks to cover.”


“If you had to cover OSU hoops every day for the last 10 years, you’d be broken, too.”

How to we save him? I fear the influence of the Sith lords @TheHeadChimp and @DrCCowboy and their minions (or are they perhaps from Mordor instead?) have left a mark. Not sure I can bear to hear the agony in Kyle’s voice in the next podcast. Will a trip to Omaha by the baseball team be enough to renew his optimism? No pre-season football hype will work - it can only be resolved by a lengthy series of dominant wins, particularly one on October 24. And there better be a game he is covering on December 5. If not, I fear our web site and this forum may fade away rather abruptly. Securing the rights to the “Pistols Firing” Twitter handle and the domain will be battles no more.

/S (just to be clear) :slight_smile:


How do you like a post more than once?


Somebody fire up the Tired of Holliday thread. We aren’t done around here yet!


I know you indicated this is sarcasm, but let’s keep something in mind here: I’m an eternal optimist in the sense that we can always be better. Also, I will never give up on my team and simply think they are eternally doomed to sucking. That’s definitely not true.


I assume the blog doesn’t do as well when our sportsball teams don’t do that great either. A trip to Omaha might pop off some things this year though plus Gundy is returning a great team to disappoint us with but that might not be until November.


Lol at this thread. It’s great.

Also, the above is true. Although having the forum has mostly made up for it.


Oh, I’m 100% a Sith Lord Pessimist. I’ll own that.

Even with that, I still don’t do the whole ‘axe-grinding’ thing like a couple other nameless members do. I’m evil but I’m not dumb.

Most evil people aren’t dumb, though. :smiling_imp:

I will do my part. I will post stats about football pre-Gundy every day. I will post stats pre-Eddie every day like a devotional calendar on how it will get better. Together. We can.

(edit: I won’t actually do any of this)


Serious question for you though @kyleporterCBS

I would have always thought people love to gripe. Maybe that’s not the majority. Misery loves company. Is your activity really much lower when things are looking down in OSU sportsing world?

I would LOVE to not have to gripe.

But when Gundy can’t recruit well…

(Just so we’re all clear, that goose is laughing…)


This is truly comic gold!

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I definitely felt the same way Kyle was feeling after Bedlam 2015

When you have to explain the joke it ceases to be funny :wink:


Same. And 2009… And 2010… And 2013… And 2017…


How much better are we going to be with Cade? I looked up the 2007 Texas team with Durant and they were 25-10, 3rd in Big 12, second round of NCAA and that’s with Rick Barnes as their coach. Boynton is no Rick Barnes so I just don’t see how you go from the cellar to decent. Teams and player development get better with games and age, our guys have gotten dramatically worse. Also, Boynton had to know that we didn’t have another PG behind Ice, so why didn’t he address that in the offseason with a grad transfer? I just don’t see how we go 0fer in the Big 12 and then we’re going to be competing for the league title because of ONE guy especially looking at the Durant year.

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Yes, way down.

“How do we save him?” Tequila.

Interesting. I guess this means humanity is not lost after all. We truly do seek communion in the good times.