Landon Wolf Enters Transfer Portal

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From walk-on to team captain, Landon Wolf enters the portal.

Success in the transfer portal is becoming a bigger and bigger part of college football. Coming out ahead in the transfer market can make up for a lot of recruiting deficiencies. I would be interested to see grades for Big XII teams in this area. It feels like we usually gain more than we lose?

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I hope he gets what here wants was a good cowboy. Its tuff playing second fittle.

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I wish him well

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I really hope one of the new twins is the next tylan. Who’s going to start next year?

They both look good but the lower rated one looks really good

Second fiddle? The second best offensive player in Presley was playing second fiddle to him. Only reason that guy played was “gundy the freshman killer”.

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Kids at osu are tired of gundy and just want out and I can’t blame them. Audios wolf hope you find a place that will be willing to spread the ball around.


Braden Johnson. Presley. Martin if he comes back for another year.

Still playing that card ur sister heard a rumor from the second cousin to they dish washer

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No actually my son played baseball with a kid I won’t name that plays for gundy and he said that. You can believe it or don’t have too makes me no difference.

He actually said 90% of the players feel this way

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He could be transferring to a school that offers an educational program that OSU does not. I don’t think Wolf believes that he’s going to play in the NFL. Wolf traded his football talents for an education, maybe he wants a Masters.

Listen I know we bicker back-and-forth about gundy but the truth is that the younger kids and in a lot of cases see that he plays someone that puts their work in longer and has bought in to the “ culture”than a kid that is a better but hasn’t put his time in and this very thing is the biggest downfall to his coaching techniques. It simply isn’t coaching to win. He coaches up kids to be a better member in Society and to become successful later in life which is great and we all think that he should do that but it’s not coaching to win football games. You can do both but I think he falls short in the coaching to win category.

That was sarcasm. If ur sissy was right no one would be on the team
Do u know how many 5th yr seniors and walkon we got. There wouldn’t be there.
Ur sissy mite have been told this from a player who was crying because he is a loser. So 90 really meant 10. N u wanting to believe it sucked rite down

You might be right but I think if he was targeted more than anybody else on the team maybe we look at him different. I still believe he has the speed and talent to make a roster but he needs to transfer to a lower tear team to accomplish this. So wish him the best.

U really did rite that well. I think I got the gist but still wrong

I love all cowboys but wolf is going to be replaced and he knew it
He thinks enough of himself to try and prove at another school. He knows he will sit the bench here and cant make nfl

Do you put 28 after your name to represent the number of brain cells you have left?

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Don’t make me drop the mic on you aging.