LD Brown

Any update on LD? We got Jackson playing today, but no Brown?

The last paragraph deals with this: https://pokesreport.com/s/1835/cowboys-dealing-with-a-pair-of-injuries-and-the-return-of-an-all-big-12-defender

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Said in the radio broadcast tonight that LD could be practicing this week


LD is our fourth best running back imo.


As much as we like to run the ball, depth is never a bad thing.

Ur basing that on what. When he was playing none I mean none of the backs looked good.
To start the season r line was bad.
Compare the first 3 games and the last 3( teams are close to the same). How many times in the last 3 were the backs meet in the backfield like the first 3 games.
I like are backs but those holes were big in the tcu game. Richardson bad a late or bad cut, he should not been touched at the line. Yea a big gainer look like he did something.
I’m just pointing out the line has come a long way.

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What’s LD"s injury situation, is he still not at 100%? Hate for the kid to not be playing. He saved our buttocks in the Tulsa game and can be effective with good O-line play, but just not as powerful at Warren!

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