Les Miles Is Looking Forward to Taking the Field Against ‘Friend’ Mike Gundy

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/les-miles-is-looking-forward-to-taking-the-field-against-friend-mike-gundy/

Les talks OSU, Chuba and whether or not the earth is flat.

So Les is a partial flat-earther.

Man he’s got the best quotes.

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The earth must be flat, otherwise, how would Chuba be so fast? He is both running up hill and down hill simultaneously…


That picture of Lester…incredible use of hair dye!!!

Huge fan of Les Miles during both stints at oSu. Not fan of the way he left, but is was for the best as he wouldn’t get rid of Bill Clay as DC. Egg on my face as Gundy hired Bill Clay to be an analyst. I am ready to stop spending money on analysts and put more money into coaching salaries and recruiting budget.

Coach K at Duke is the GOAT at use of hair dye. Just for Men should pay that dude $100M for endorsement. Black hair with just enough grays to make it believable-ish for a 72-yr-old. GOAT.

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