‘Let the Teams Decide’: Mike Gundy Against Big Ten, SEC Byes in Proposed 14-Team Playoff

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‘We need to let the teams decide it on the field and reward those who are most deserving.’

Mike don’t worry buddy, none of this factors into you teams.

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He is right though, and he is speaking up for other teams.
Since college football has been monetized, everything is about TV dollars, which favor the big brands with large audiences. There will be competitive teams from other conferences and if they don’t get a fair chance then traditionalist fans will continue to drop.


Very true, but some people can’t look past their blind hatred of someone when they’re speaking the truth.
Sadly, I don’t the direction FBS football is seemingly going. Wish we had a playoff system like FCS does.

At this point they’re not even trying to hide the fact that they want to rig the system.

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Exactly. The Big 10 and SEC might as well break off and form their own league/playoff.

Want to drive another nail in the coffin for college football. Implement this 14 team playoff stupidity.