Live Blog: Oklahoma State Hosts South Alabama for Noncon Finale

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According to a guy that knows a few donors it wasn’t. You can’t confirm either way. You shouldn’t automatically believe what Daddy tells you all the time. Sure looks like Big Game Dunn could use him to help run his junior high offense for him. That’s not me saying that btw, that’s a coach with over 35 years experience and was a D2 DC.

Speak for yourself. I’m still waiting for that “secret” offense you kept talking about to make its way here.

He’s doesn’t know how to do that.

Joy that was confirmed by many sources, so believe what you want. Sanders attitude changed a bunch his last year here. I loved his heart , his desire, he won a lot of games for us , also threw lots of unnecessary picks. Also heard ( from really reliable sources) somehow Sanders and a few others snuck out night before last bedlam and got hammered. Reason Sanders and Cobb got in a fight Theres more too …… He certainly might be a difference maker on this team too. He made a very bad mistake turning the NIL down here
He will never play as long as Dart is healthy

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@MiggityMac I can access that it’s the daily articles that don’t have comment section. You or someone said that whoever wrote it did put the comment with it or you’re still a work in progress ?

According to one source it probably has something to do with him telling Dunn his game plan sucked. Looks like Spencer Sanders was onto something. In the end, we retain a junior high offense and get rid of the guy that made it look better than it actually was. Looks like that decision is coming back to bite us in the a55.

@bill18 What a bunch of ball licken from you Sour Patch pukes.

All Spencer had to do was make grades, show up for practice, and not transfer. He would have had the lock on every oSu QB record forever with immediate bronze Hall of honor statue. Oh and $400K NIL.
So which of these didn’t happen?

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How did “we “ get rid of him when he was offered that package idiot ?? He entered the portal , saw he wasn’t as wanted as he thought and wanted to come back. All Gundy said was he wasn’t starting, he should have lived with that considering he missed all bowl packages

I neither confirmed or denied this was true. Just telling you what I’ve heard through the grapevine. The fact that none you know the facts either can be used against me. We may never know, but I’m willing to bet they would like to have Spencer Sanders back right about now.

@bill18 OF COURSE Gundy, Dunn, and Rattay would LOVE to have had Spencer for the bowl game and also this season.

Are you saying it’s because Gundy/Dunn “ran him off” before the bowl practices based on pure ego trips?

Do you think Spencer failed to make grades or failed to show up for practices or did enter the portal?

Or as @michael13 states perhaps Spencer broke team rules. Should Gundy/Dunn have given Spencer a free-pass for whatever he wanted? Is that the “Gundy pushed him off the team” issue?

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Youza - 3 Picks in the 1st quarter of Bedlam is NOT a good look for Spencer. So Gundy/Dunn kept all that hush for the WVU game to make Spencer look better (injured) and not surprisingly the Sour Patch Kidz still piss-n-moan that somehow it’s Gundy and Dunn’s fault. These are the same ball lickers that quote Bedlam records ad nauseum. This is disgusting.

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Joy was biotching about Sanders all last year that he cost us the ‘21 CC … 4 picks in that game was a game changer along with Baylor’s quick start. There is a lot more on Sanders I know is right but I’m not using it as an excuse. Funny that when he was healthy the first 6 games of ‘22 we were top ten in offense. Something went wrong in the locker room after the TCU overtime game. @robert28 said a team meeting was called after the game and only half showed up.
I stated above that Sanders hit the portal soon after the season was ovef, found out not a lot of takers so he wanted to come back right before the bowl game. Gundy told him yes but he wouldn’t start, guess he thought he should. He was wrong….bigger than the program. I know he had to take summer classes to get eligible. Five years here and not enough hours to play ? WTH is wrong with that picture

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Keep jumping on another horse joy , you are deflecting again when you get cornered. You disliked Sanders all through’21 and last year. You know it , and everyone else here knows it but you sings his praises now

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Sounds like a history of prima donna bullshit. Hardly the “coaches ran him off” situation.

So were the players wanting the coaches to make exceptions for Spencer or to hold him accountable, or perhaps some of both?


I’m saying both could be a possibility. I think it’s possible Sanders overestimated his value, and it’s possible that Gundy/Dunn basically let him know they don’t need him to operate the offense. I’m just telling you that based on what I had seen Saturday night it’s obvious they do need him.

Sanders didn’t play well that game, but that game isn’t entirely his fault either.

So apparently some of you are wanting to label Sanders a “prima Donna” for leaving. So be it. I disagree, but that’s ok.

So what do you call Bryson Green? Stephon Johnson? John Paul Richardson? Caleb Etienne? Mason Cobb? Thomas Harper? Trace Ford? Dom Richardson?

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So is Shane Illingworth, Dezmon Jackson, Hunter Anthony, Monroe Mills, Cade Bennett, Jaden Hernigan, Kamryn Farrar, Tanner Mcalister, and Jarrick Bernard

More lineman will leave next year if the same coach is there. Rumors are they are on the 2s and tired of the favoritism. That room is off…