Live Blog Updates: Oklahoma State Bounces Back with 29-21 Win over Kansas State

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Live updates from BPS.

I’m giving this game until halftime. If we’re getting blown out, then I’m changing it.

I may be optimistic but I think we play better this game. May not win but I don’t see a blowout like last year.

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I hope you’re right.

De’Zhaun Stribling is not playing tonight :roll_eyes:

CB Jacob Parrish for K-State is out for tonight’s game.

Ive already started drinking to ease the pain


What the heck! I thought he was good?

Here we go

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Good stop by the D

A reverse flea flicker… holy cow… what team am I watching

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No joke. I had to double check I was watching the right game lol

Started with Bourbon for this one. And it’s tasting GREAT so far. GO POKES!


Impressed with Bowman so far, except the three inaccurate throws (TE Johnson, Presley). Sad he can’t feed Presley.

Nice. What Brand?

Bulliett Manhattan

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Pokes are fired up. LOVE IT!

A slant… yeah

Owens > Bray

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