Luke Surber to Wrestle at 197 Next Season

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Surber was the Big 12 runner-up at heavyweight last season.

Better fit for him. I know he must have beaten harris but harris would have been better from experience with the bigs. Just a waste at heavyweight.

I was hoping they would drop Surber to 197 because he showed he had some good skills against the heavywts, so that could be put to better use against 197 lbs guys. I just hope the drop in weight doesn’t make him weak. Not expecting much from Doucet at 285. Probably Haas at 184. Hoping that our guys get stronger and are also able to escape from bottom. The team is not going to accomplish much at nationals with just one guy in the finals, Fix. Probably rack up a decent number of points in the consolations. Recruiting needs to move up to a higher level of talent.

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Recruiting seems to have fallen on hard times and it looks like we refuse to use the portal. Our other sports coaches don’t particularly like the portal either, but they use it or get left behind. That appears to be the case with our wrestling coach now. And we do need a new strength and conditioning coach ASAP

Surber wrestled in some freestyle meets last summer and beat some pretty good guys. Got handled by Elam from Mizz (who placed 4th? at nationals). Last season started out slow and then Feb/March was a much better wrestler. OU guy went from losing to in sudden death to beating pretty solidly in Nationals. Mizz heav (brother of 197 pounder) pinned Suber in meet then lost to him in OT at Big 12. So question is does his massive improvement last season carry to 197 or was it a matter of getting used to wrestling Heav. Because based on freestyle results last summer, he was close to AA at 197 before the big improvement last season. I think with the big improvement last season, he should be an AA and maybe contend, as 197 doesn’t really have the 1 or 2 super studs (but a deep weight class, so difference between high AA and not placing thin).