Mammoth OL Recruit Caleb Etienne Commits to OSU

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Huge boost for OSU’s OL in the 2021 class.

I believe he is the third OL commit. Nobles, Barr, and Ettiene.

Thank Goodness!!! I’m almost convinced we should recruit nothing for the next couple of years but offensive lineman since we run a K State offense now.

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it seems like quite a few notable P5 schools were after him. I wonder why his recruiting score isn’t a little higher

Too late we suck now

Thank you joe and jeff why to be positive about future recruits. One site didnt have any numbers for him. I think he was just a 3 star from hs. But #2 jc tackle should have nice numbers. Well we should have alot of experience next yr.

I’m sure he’s going to seem really nice. In the last 10 years recruiting has went from 25 to 45, so another 5 years we should be at 55 fighting with Kansas and Oregon State for recruits.

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Must be good joe is happy with miles. And u are happy with joe. It’s not my fault u guys like losers

Recruit # are bs they good or not. Just like the twins we got I like the lower ranked one better. So one has a good yr then they cover him up the other is open yea how does that work. If u think one is 3 star and 4 star ur wrong

Yeah but you like Gundy over Riley and Riley kicks Gundy’s a$$ everytime.

Yeah, might as well put a fullback Tebow type QB back there, LOL.

You know who else had low recruiting numbers? Dezmon Jackson, 2-star out of HS.

I agree. Because Alabama, Clemson, OU, and Ohio State I’m sure are winning with nothing but 3 star recruits.

U two r lil missy’s when u start dating Brad Pitt I will believe we can recruit like a blue blood.

Joe u never answered me about ur jr high team. Ar u still keep busy on the streets of midwest city.

One thing I can say is that my junior high coach would’ve done a better job coaching OSU this season than Gundy has done.

Did the bedlam game not teach you a valuable lesson between recruiting stars and coaching? I imagine not since you decided to avoid all contact the week after us getting completely embarrassed (again) by our in-state rival.

Embarrassed that joe u say u a cowboy fan. I don’t want to listen to u ou trolls

You didn’t answer the question because you know it’s true. If it weren’t true then Gundy wouldn’t be 2-14 and we wouldn’t see the proof of the talent and coaching gap on an annual basis.

Joe I’ve answered that more times then I should have already. Just because ur obsessive with this topic doesn’t mean u need to post a 100 times. If u cant remember my answer to bad go back through ur marked post. If u think u can nag me to death and change my mine, wont happen. Nagging may work for ur mom but I have bigger balls