Marshall Watches Bedlam Basketball from 1994 for the First Time

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Rutherford goes crazy, Big Country dominates and Tubbs gets tossed. What a game.

That was one of the great games at Gallagher Hall. It was so loud my ears rang for days afterward.

That shot by Rutherford from the pistol Pete was not unusual. Easy to forget just how good a shooter he really was.

Did we find out way brendon manzer was playing with 30 stitches in his face?

I recently watched that as well. I was amazed at how hard they played defense. Also the late 3 by Rutherford, the super late 2 and with 2 seconds left Burley hoists up a 3 and the announcers said nothing. OU players didn’t whine about being disrespected. All a part of the game… back then…

Still the most fun game I ever watched at OSU.