Marshall Watches OSU vs. Saint Joe's Elite Eight Game from 2004 for the First Time

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Why is the 3-point line so close?

Joey G is the most underrated player in recent memory…and he was still talked about (that just how good he was)

Grown. A$$. Men.

That’s what I see when I watch the 2004 team. They absolutely bullied people. They make guys on our current squad look like 8th graders.

If you want to see, IMO, one of Tony’s best college performances, check out the OSU-Pitt game in the sweet sixteen. He was absolutely dominant.

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Seeing this brings me back to childhood(millennial here). I remember why I loved watching this team (personally was a McFarlin and Bobik fan).

I was fortunate enough to be at that game. I was living in Allentown, PA at the time and it was a 2 hour drive. There were about 500 OSU fans in one section of the arena. There remaining 19,000 + fans were St. Joe supporters that came up from Philly. The shot that JLIII took at the end was on our end of the arena, opposite side. The 500 Cowboy faithful were in full voice and to not hear anything from the other 19,000 fans when the buzzer sounded was amazing. Best moment for me attending a live OSU sporting event.

I was also in attendance “way back in the day” when Eddie Hannon hit the half court shot in OT to beat Louisville. Same feeling but slightly different because it was at GIA (Before it was GIA).

Most definitely. They are comparing Cam McGriff to Joey Graham?! I love Cam McGriff, but yall… Joey Graham was a go to player his senior year. He had strength + was very savvy. He wasn’t the 3rd or 4th option as you like to say McGriff would have excelled as.

Joey Graham played multiple seasons in the NBA.

Yall, like I said, I love Cam McGriff, but Joey Graham was on another level, he should not be compared to Cam McGriff.

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