Marshall's Notebook: Follow the Anguish of Another Bedlam Loss for the Pokes

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If you want to relive this, here you go.

Where are the gundy supporters? Sure is quite

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Probably wondering why Gundy is 2-14 against OU.

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Basketball starts this week.


Going to watch the basketball season in a different way than for football. With basketball just enjoy the contests and relish in the bliss of having Cade on the team to watch skill in action.
Forget about the appeal process, post season play or no post season. Just enjoy what is in front of us on that tv screen. Drop the expectations. Save the championship expectations where you are least likely to be disappointed as an OSU fan, save it for Cowboy wrestling. Golf is on the downside, cross country has slipped along with the track team. Baseball is still worth having expectations for. Maybe OSU needs to add volleyball?

@jeff16, @joe15 I’m sure the goon board misses you today or could you not get a comment in :joy:… I know your bunch is having a great day on their boards

I’m not having a great day at all. I think Gundy should be fired. Let me ask you a question.

If I were a Sooner fan why would I want Gundy gone? I know that if I were a Sooner fan it’s a game I could mark as an automatic W on the schedule because I know who the head coach is. I think Sooner fans are more scared playing K State and Iowa State given their recent history against them. They know when they face our beloved pokes that Gundy will automatically bend the knee.

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You do have a point !! I’m not a good loser, I hate losing. I don’t know if Gundy is the problem or not. I tend to lean more to recruiting and assistant coaches. Tell me if you think anyone else could come in abs recruit well, not get us on probation and stay ? It would probably have to be an alum I think. Gundy does well against everyone but the goons, winning record against them all. I know I sure don’t want to go back to post Barry days

Whatever happened to the 2011 “Go For The Throat” strategy? Now we like to keep games closer than they need to be. We do better when we practice and play faster. That’s how you keep offense consistent.

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Dunn stated that when he took over. Seems Spencer plays better when he’s in that mode… so you think it’s Gundy that put the brakes on it or maybe they want Spencer seeing the matchups. Right now it’s a moot point when they can’t stop any sort of rush. Montana couldn’t get a ball off the way this line leaks. I loved Holgerson and Monken at the wheel

I used to give Yurcich crap for some of the inconsistencies, but it appears to me that’s Gundy with his hand in that. Texas doesn’t seem to have too many problems scoring. They just have a defensive backfield problem.

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I liked Yurcich for the fact he recruited nice QB’s , but not elite. But he would blow my mind with some of the dumb calls at times. I really thought Rattay would have Sanders in a grove by now. Again it’s hard to do with complete whiffs on blocks

I think Gumby has his hand in both offensive and defensive calls. Did you not notice on far too many plays they had Ford stop at the line of scrimmage and not rush Copperhead? Every time he rushed he put on pressure…

Who did Yurcich recruit and find besides Rudolph?

Spencer Sanders and I believe he was recruiting Illingworth before he left. I don’t believe Sean Gleeson recruited much in the one year he was here. I don’t think he could stand not being able to run his offense even though he was hired as the OC. No wonder he left after one year.

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Sanders and was in on Illingworth before he left. That’s not a truck load of them but the ones he did recruit were okay, not busts. I still say Sanders will be good before next year

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He didn’t DISCOVER Spencer Sanders, lol. He did RE Rudolph though. And that’s simply due to location.