Mason Cobb Notes

I talked to a couple of people involved with Mason Cobb’s recruitment after Kyle Boone wrote about it here yesterday. Some notes from those conversations.

• His visit to Stillwater over the weekend was really good, and he loved the staff as well as his time in Stillwater.

• OSU really wants him and thinks he would be a perfect fit for what they do, which kind of makes me wonder if he could be a Kolby Peel type. Cobb is bigger coming into college, but I could see similar roles.

• They also like his demeanor and the way he fits in culturally. Seems like a classic Gundy player. Probably doesn’t talk much etc.

• It seems like it’s down to OSU and Louisville, and OSU is confident about where it stands currently. I would be surprised if Cobb didn’t pick OSU on Wednesday morning when he makes his selection.

• If OSU gets him, he would be the second-lowest ranked player in this class but he would bump them into the top 40 overall.

Edit: IDK if it changed since I looked or I just looked at it wrong, but Cobb would be seventh-lowest, not second-lowest.

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What does that say about our recruiting when the second lowest rated recruit actually makes our ranking go up? Pathetic.

I think you’re looking at that the wrong way?? It would be pathetic if we were adding recruits and dropping in the rankings.


Most services include class size as metric when rating, so this means there are classes ranked ‘higher’ than us due to quantity instead of quality.

Personally, I think we should focus on the smaller class size moving forward with so many quality guys hitting the transfer portal. I believe it would be benefit us to leave 4-5 spots open each year and go sign higher star guys that are transferring from blue-bloods; especially if they’re granted immediate eligibility. It would be an attainable short-term solution to increase the mix of 4/5 star recruits each class is pulling in.


Transfers are going to get us into trouble, from a numbers standpoint. Hopefully the ncaa looks at this at some point. We’ve lost 3? So far? If you can only spend 25 scholarships per year and you’re taking transfers with less years to play, while losing your own transfers, it’s a race to the bottom.

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Four: Boomer (TBD), Jeter (TXST), Player (TBD), Cardwell (UTSA, likely)

And we do need to be careful about transfers. Personally, I think that if you lose players to transfer, you should be able to replace their scholarship with a transfer without penalty, since it’s a 1-1 trade.


It says poor ROI on the increases to the recruiting budget.


I think this kid will be good. I’ve read he’s likely to be state defensive player of the year in Utah. He’s likely ranked low because of lower level of competition, and people who create the recruiting rankings don’t spend a ton of time scouting in states like Utah. He’s got a good offer list and his tape looks great. I think this kid would be a great pick up and I hope he picks OSU.

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I’m just sick of the mediocrity.

Yeah, Mormons aren’t very good at football. :man_shrugging:t3:

/s (if that wasn’t apparent)

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I follow (and agree mostly with) your sarcasm there; however, there is some truth to it as well. BYU and the University of Utah tend to get a lot of their best players from adherents from outside the state (specifically their deep reach and connection with Polynesian cultures). Also, the best of the LDS players from Utah are generally listing BYU #1 and Utah #2 and breaking into that is exceedingly difficult. I suspect scouts look for areas with lower hanging fruit first.

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Lol, I didn’t think anyone would respond like that, but you ran with it. That’s actually good information (no sarcasm).


Said this since the budget increase was put in place…If I’m Holder, I am NOT happy with my ROI for FB recruiting in 2020 …2020 is 1st real recruiting class you can use as a metric …very. very, very disappointing

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Behind every (good) joke is a nugget of truth, I like exploring that nugget sometimes to see where it leads.

Why? Because of the ranking?

Because individually we are signing one of the highest rated recruits in the history of the program, have the best OL class since Wickline left, and are still heavily in the race for one of the best running backs in the class…

Overall… it’s not a bad class, and is geographically spread out, which means the increase in budget was worth it.


41st according to 247. If we land Ngata and Cobb that’ll give us a team score of 203.04 which will greatly improve our overall ranking and move us to 27th just behind Florida State.


Here is some perspective on oSu’s approach to ILB recruiting in 2020. Cobb will join Jeff Roberson at the spot this recruiting period. Cobb replaces Josh White who decommitted.

6-2 / 266


23 2 1



  • Josh White

Josh WhiteCy Creek (Houston, TX)

6-1 / 200


138 7 22



  • Tirek Austin-Cave

Tirek Austin-CaveCamden (Camden, NJ)

6-1 / 203


598 27 15



  • Jeremiah Harris

Jeremiah HarrisShadow Creek (Pearland, TX)

6-1 / 205


637 28 83

Kansas State


  • Jeff Roberson

Jeff RobersonChoctaw (Choctaw, OK)

6-2 / 215


871 37 12

Oklahoma State


  • Corey Flagg

Corey FlaggNorth Shore (Houston, TX)

5-10 / 223


888 38 110



  • Derrick Lewis

Derrick LewisSamuel Clemens (Schertz, TX)

6-0.5 / 200


NA 44 133

Texas Tech


  • Cole Thompson

Cole ThompsonNorman (Norman, OK)

6-2 / 210


NA 50 17

Oklahoma State


  • Krishon Merriweather

Krishon MerriweatherGarden City C.C. (Garden City, KS)

6-0 / 230


97 3 24

Warm+11 others


  • Mason Cobb

Mason CobbProvo (Provo, UT)

6-1 / 220


NA 75 12

Warm+12 others


Which budget increase are you referencing?