Mason Rudolph, James Washington Connect for Touchdown vs. Lions

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Rudy-to-Washington is back.

It was great to see that again. Just too bad they tied the Lions.


Rudolph didn’t play well at all today. Ball was sailing on him so he overthrew a couple of open guys, threw one into the dirt when his receiver was open in the end zone for a TD. Not all on him, the tackling by the defense was TURRIBLE!!! Detroit had issues passing, not sure why they didn’t load the box once Lions gashed some big runs and force the pass!

Any team that cannot beat the Lions should not be a playoff team.

Rudolph may have thrown his last pass in an NFL game. He’s had multiple opportunities to prove he’s the next guy up in Pittsburgh. I will be shocked if he’s with the Steelers or any other Franchise next season.

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You’re crazy if you don’t think he’s better than many of the backups out there and even a few starters but he did not play well and needs to step up his game. Hopefully gets another start this Sunday!

Mason stinks as an NFL QB. If he was cut tomorrow in my opinion he wouldn’t be picked up by anybody. He completed 30 passes for an avg of 4.2 yards last week against the worst team in the NFL. Mason was a very good college QB and I’m glad he played for the Pokes, but he’s been difficult to watch as a pro.

Steelers O-line was turrible last season. You’re basing this off of one game this season. Cool your jets!

I’ve based it of his career. Get a clue!