Mason Rudolph's Situation

Was curious to see how things were looking for the former Cowboy signal caller. Good news is the Steelers have hired a QB coach (Matt Canada). OC was QB coach and kept that role when promoted to OC, but Steeler saw the need for change to develop a young QB. Glad to hear Tomlin and Rooney II are comfortable with MR as the back up and they don’t appear to have the money to bring in a veteran.


After reading that article and getting into the comments it’s nice to see other fanbases with such polarizing opinions. :rofl:

Also makes me happy PFB+ exists so a discussion can be had for the most part without it breaking down into a name calling session.

It’ll be interesting to see how he progresses from this year to the next. He’s about halfway to that 15-game marker, isn’t he? :wink: