Massive Offensive Tackle Commits to Oklahoma State

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Harvey flipped his commitment from Louisiana Tech.

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Nice flip! Finally getting some OL guys that don’t need to grow into their frames after they get on campus. I’m trying to get one of my wife’s relatives into camp this summer. He’s a big boy from the Houston area. Nathan Robison | FBCA, Sugar Land, TX | MaxPreps


This dude plays with a mean attitude! I like it!


Welcome to Stillwater Calvin. Looking forward to seeing you perform on the field.


He may have the size but not playing this year will probably mean it’ll be a couple of years.
I do think a couple of our commits will rise a lil higher in numbers. Good to get 2 lineman. The o side is full up. A great class.
Am I the only one wonder about the d side. They even took a d line guy away last class to play te.
We’re still look at a transfer running back.
5 guys aren’t going to cut it. With us going for a lb and cb in the transfer.
I guess will be using the portal alot for d players next few years.

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This is great oSu is going to take a chance on him. I hope his rehab goes well and he can hit the weight room. I like to see oSu getting BIGS!! He will be a valuable asset in the future. One thing for sure, his parents will be happy they don’t have to feed him anymore. That boy is BIG!!!

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Like to see the direction of 2022 football recruiting. Blessed to have so many quality transfers impact the team the past couple of years, but 4 star HS talent has been huge under Gundy. Would have hated to see this year derailed without those transfers. Don’t know what they are doing differently but keep it up.


Is this what a football program in Top 10 wins over the last decade should still be doing? Trying to steal recruits from programs like Louisiana Tech?

Look……I’m not saying this kid can’t be good one day, but shouldn’t we be focusing on quality at the OL instead of quantity? Considering how inconsistent the line has been due to injuries and lack of development?

I hope we got someone ready to play center next year. We should be able to replace the two lineman .
It’s a great pick up, ruff but big.

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If u can’t see how the recruiting and development is going then ur being the true Joey we have learned to be feel sad for


The recruiting and development of our offensive line over the last few years tells me that maybe we should try to focus on getting some top 100 offensive line recruits.

Considering we are a run first team now. Maybe keep Spencer Sanders from having to roll out and run for his life half the time.

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If that’s the case the riley need to get top 10 line men.

Just like last year the line has improved.

Sanders rolling out is for him more then protection.

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“but we didn’t protect him. It’s really hard to evaluate a quarterback when you don’t do a good job of protecting him. I didn’t think we protected him very good at all.”

Mike Gundy, October, 16 2021 (Texas)

The fact that Kansas ranks 11 spots higher on pass protection than us tells me we need to do a lot better job with the offensive line.

Totally agree. For the life of me I don’t know why the offensive line still after all these years still struggle. I’m pretty sure that not many schools have struggled as mush as we have for as long as we have on the o-line. Might be some sort of record if they kept records on stuff like this.

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Amazing 2 of the 3 stooges agree with each other.

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No everybody agrees on this one.

:arrow_up: yep!!! Roberto even your friend Yo agrees the OL has been a disappointment under Dickey. Just ask him.

So u were lieing to Joey when u said u totally agree.
This will break Joey :heart:

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Just because yo and I know ur an idiot doesn’t mean we’re friends

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He still agrees that the line has been a problem though.