Matching Big 12 Programs with their Pac-12 Equivalent

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OK, let’s get weird.

Traditional football power with an NCAA problem? Everything else is secondary.
UT = Stanford
Boat loads of monied alumni. Compete at a high level in multiple sports. Flagship school of West Coast. Flagship school of Southwest
These two seem to get close in cycles but never quite get there.
KSU = Wash. St.
Good at making something out of nothing. They do better than they should considering inherent disadvantages
KU = Arizona
Basketball school with flashes from the football program. NCAA likes to talk about things every few years.
ISU = Cal
Middle of the pack regularly. Football struggles generally.
Baylor = Oregon
Nike is an outlier but otherwise football programs without much history making a move with renegade coaches. Moderate success in other sports. Green & Yellow uniform aficionados.
Lots of football wins over their history. Geographic outlier and new kid in the class. No real rivals in the new conference.
TCU = Utah
Former Mtn West foes. Have flirted with national relevance occasionally. Whittingham and Patterson seem similar.
Nationally relevant in multiple sports. Football history erratic. Nemesis right down the street.