Matt Campbell Over Mike Gundy in CFB Coaching Rankings? Please.

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This … does not add up.

Boone in August: “The fact that ISU figures to be a darkhorse Big 12 contender makes this No. 1 on the list.”

If I spent enough time looking through last offseason’s posts I’m sure I could find a quote from each of the PFB guys espousing the greatness of Matt Campbell. Y’all were all saying he’s a top tier Big 12 coach last year. Quick to jump off of his bandwagon, huh?

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Campbell is a great coach.
So is Gundy.

Splitting hairs here IMO

Both are good coaches no doubt. Campbell is trending up for his efforts turning around ISU. Gundy is slightly trending down and has struggled to recapture the success of 2011 or maintain recruiting success.

What I was surprised to learn was Campbell has been Big 12 coach of the Year twice in his 5 years at ISU which is quite impressive. Compared to once for Gundy who has 3x the tenure.

While Gundy did run off some of Miles recruits IMO this has become another mulleted urban legend. oSu was really bad under Pat Jones, became average under Bob Simmons, but under Miles they were able to beat a playoff caliber OU squad (Chips n Salsa). That is a stark comparison to the ISU program Campbell took over. Miles efforts at oSu landed him the LSU job and Gundy, who was already on staff, took over. Compared to Rhoads being forced out after going 8-27 his last three seasons.

Miles returned to Oklahoma State in 2001 as the head coach. In the three years prior to Miles’s arrival in Stillwater, the Cowboys finished 5–6, 5–6, and 3–8. Oklahoma State posted another losing record (4–7) in Miles’s first season at the helm, but subsequently achieved winning records during each of the following three seasons – 8–5, 9–4, and 7–5, respectively. His last three seasons at Oklahoma State ended in invitations to the Houston, Cotton, and Alamo Bowls, respectively.


This reply is spot on. Porter is always biased and while Gundy has a better resume overall he is slightly trending down

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"Gundy slightly trending down "
Recruiting 2018 ranked 34
2019 ranked 38
2020 ranked 45
When it comes to recruiting, might not be slightly!

I think Porter and crew have to walk a fine line. This is a oSu sports site and people certainly don’t check in here to leave feeling depressed. However, I do think part of the problem at oSu is Gundy has been given the benefit of the doubt at every turn. Fans want him to succeed so bad that his performance or decisions often are justified based on this emotion. The silver lining is Gundy has taken oSu to a place that builds a foundation for a great future. Like most oSu fans just want him to have more success in his time at oSu.

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I was hoping we could make the big 12 title game this year, but since this random guy’s opinions on social media are the tell-all sign of a season, I guess we have no chance. If only on-field play mattered as much as unrelated people’s opinions. :confused:

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He has been, but he’s trending up at the moment. At a school like OsU, you aren’t going to be top-of-the-pack annually, not even most blue bloods are good enough to do that. It comes in waves, and it seems as if one of their waves are coming this fall. If they fall flat on their face, though, he’s going to be in some trouble.

Everybody’s a homer!

“Great”? You use superlatives far too liberally.