MBB: OSU vs. Southeastern Louisiana Game Thread

Who’s braving ESPN+ today?


Not me. Taking my daughter to her first game. Get the Simba Cam ready.


Looking forward to seeing that.

Likekele is starting today. No one was sure how much he would play.

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I hope that Ice goes off today and shows that he’s fully healthy again.

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Getting ready to switch from Red Zone to ESPN+

Excited to see Ice back in the lineup. Let’s get situated and ready for the Big 12 slate. This team is going to surprise some people.

Fingers crossed that broadcast mostly functions well

Think this team is giving nearly 80 a game…

Listening to Dave and John on the radio.

SELA has three fouls in three OSU possessions. Could be a long one.

Here here. Go Pokes.

Ice Boogie.

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Ice looks good

Can anyone tell me how Yor got his first foul? I was walking into the arena when I happened.

Anyone catch the WVU OSU game? They are going to be tough

Tried to cut a guy off on the baseline I think

Ahh ok, thanks!

Ugh…offense stagnating!

We can put the ball into the lane on these guys, but we keep settling for threes.

This SE La team stayed within double digits of Tulsa, Vandy and Ole Miss. I’d expect we walk out with a double digit win today on our end with Ice back.