MBB: OSU vs. Southeastern Louisiana Game Thread

So what’s the story behind the Super Power dude on the north end? Just a student fan?

How is that not a basket?

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They have 8 fouls and we still have 10 minutes left in the first half…gonna be a very long game

Southeastern is hard to watch… pretty ugly so far

Yeah, glad I stayed home for this one. Essentially a scrimmage.

As if SELA’s 300+ KenPom ranking didn’t show, this is definitely the worst team OSU has played this year.


It shows…some head scratching plays

ICE gonna have a 10 year NBA career when its all said and done, calling it now…if we can even consider this a hot take?

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That dunk was nasty! I hope it ends up on Sports Center

That was beautiful.


To many many folks here, no it is not a hot take. I’ve been vocal saying that I believe he will be a dominant college player who struggles to stay on an NBA roster. His size, and poise are his two primary skill sets IMO that allow him to dominate in college. In the NBA the size thing will be somewhat normalized, and guards who can’t shoot don’t stick around very long in the association.

But I’ve also said I’d love to be proven an idiot on this.


I definitely do not see him leaving college early, so at least he has plenty of time to work on his shot and improve on that 2nd round grade already.

Russ, Smart, Tony Allen… plenty of NBA players that don’t shoot well stick around if you do one thing very well. Ice’s future will be determined less by his shooting and more by what he does without the ball in his hands. That being said I’m not sure what kind of player he will be.

There are exceptions to every rule, of course.

Russ, that dude was athletically transcendent, and I think saying he can’t shoot, is pretty rough and unfair. Shooting was not his strength, but it’s not like he was Rondo.

Russ - Transcendent playmaker
Tony Allen - Transendent Defensive player
Smart - (near) Transcendent effort, hustle (this one is tougher to defend)
Rondo - Transcendent passer

The key word on those is transcendent, not just good or great.

Yea but seriously, how many times have you seen someone ‘work on their shot’ and really change it all that much? I think with your shot, you kind of are who you are by the time you get to college. Yea you could add a percentage point or three, but for the most part, Shawn Marion wasn’t going to ‘work on his shot’ and have it look like Ray Allen. :slight_smile:

If he becomes a good enough player maker and defender, he should be able to play in the league for a while, I think.
If he gets drafted by a team that doesn’t need him to be a shooter, he could get minutes early on.
Don’t see him leaving after this year though. And he may only be a early second round guy depending on the talent level that year

Ugh…offense starting off really crappy in the 2nd half.


Oh look, Laurent followed his shot. Something some other guys coughCAMcough could imitate…

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