MBB: OSU vs. Texas Tech Game Thread

Predictions? Statements? Let it all out.

80-70 Pokes

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Tech, big. They looked like monsters last weekend.

Wasn’t impressed with them last weekend, and think we can leave with a double digit win.
My main concern would be the team playing soft, and that seems unlikely with Ice out there

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68-66 Good guys win a squeaker

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Excellent diversity of opinions!

In our favor: Ice playing. Game at 11 AM.

Game question: can Yor stay on the floor?

Mental question: will Lindy and Dizzy show up? My perception- and please correct me if I’m wrong - is that in our losses they played with a notable lack of fire. They have worked hard for this program, so I will give a mulligan for WSU & Minnesota. But conference is another story

Coaching question: we are going to need to have some solid half court offensive sets to win

Bench question: anyone else feel like someone is going go to step up and demand minutes by their play? Maybe Laurent? Anderson? Keylon?


OSU 74-69
Yay for conference play!

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Yes to the half court offense. We can only pass the ball around the ring for so much time.

Not sure who else will get minutes off the bench besides Kalib and Harris Jr. Honestly, not impressed at this point. Just hope the process works and they all stay tuned in.

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OSU 74-68

Ice (flirts with) gets a triple double and the cowboys make a statement behind excellent shooting.

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I think Laurent has played well the last few games. I think minutes will definitely be shortened and we will see more of the starters.

Marcus Smart 1, Texas Tech Fan 0

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Marcus Smart 2 Texas Tech Fan & Former Players Son 0

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72-65 Pokes

Chris Harris makes some big shots off the bench to maintain the lead.


Marcus and Trae in a street fight. I think we know who takes that one.:joy:

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I think Laurent’s 3 pointers finally show up today. He’s finally comfortable on that corner 3 and with tech focused on Lubbock Lindy and others I think the shot will be there for him.

Keys to the game:
Don’t let Ramsey or Moretti take open 3’s. Make them uncomfortable.
Need to at least tie on Rebounds (we’ve been pretty bad this year)
Yor stays out of foul trouble
Need a 6th man to show up. Laurent is my pick.

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I think we keep it close for a bit, but ultimately Tech overtakes the youth on this team. 76-61

And here we go.

McGriff playing post against a freshman. :ballot_box_with_check:

And dropping treys!

Crime Dog doing Crime Dog things