McNeese State Uniform Predictions

It’s the first home game of the season! Because of the caliber of our opponent I doubt we do anything fancy. I’m going WOW with the badge this week.

Agreed. Can’t Imagine we see anything other than white and orange. I’ll take W-O-O with Patriot Pete.

Let’s get crazy, G-G-G with the badge on the helmet


White, orange, black pants. Bring out the color palette a bit.

It would be really sweet if Mike Boynton slid a few bills to the equipment guys to throw out something awesome to help out in the Cade visit.

W-O-B, with badge for me. I’d love B-O-B but there’s no way they pull that out for this game.

I’m not a big tri color guy. The only exception is the BWO away combo.


its going to be hot so I think they go White, Orange, Orange. badge on the side for the real “cowboys” in town…

2/3 correct isn’t bad. Haha


I don’t know what was different from Tech last year to McNeese, but I liked the uni this time much more. Both times we came out flat, this time we could overcome it.

I miss when PFB had the guest pickers! That was a lot of fun to follow. Wish they would bring that back. Think they had game predictions and uni?