Mike Boynton Discusses OSU Basketball's Struggles in the NIL Landscape, Stresses Need to Play Better

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Boynton provides context on NIL limitations while maintaining his team needs to perform better.

It’s been said a million times, but transfer rules (or lack there of) and NIL has ruined all of college sports competitiveness. Football produces the money, and as much as I would love to see our basketball program nationally competitive, it’s just extremely hard. Especially when you factor in the strength in our conference and the fact that top players only stay for 1-year. I would rather us spend the NIL money is baseball, softball, golf, wrestling, soccer and track n field (even though they don’t produce the money basketball could). We could dominate those sports with the right NIL budget and most other top schools won’t put there money toward those athletes (they would rather it go to basketball and football).

Boynton is not a Big12 caliber coach. He has has the talent to win and for seven years the program has won around 40% of conference games, OSU alumni will support a winning program with NIL and attendance. If change isn’t made this year then AD Chad Weiberg will lose support of fans.


You can take what you want from the article, Boynton will be back next year. I don’t know the basketball fanbase , NIL will stay the same. I’m curious what Chad does


Well, we can assume KU is operating with $2M. And Texas. Those are given. Probably Baylor, since they won a national championship not too long ago. Maybe Texas Tech, too, since they’ve been in the Final Four. Houston donors probably have them at $2M.

I don’t think UCF or West Virginia or Iowa State are at that level. Not K-State. Not OU, even. TCU? Doubt it. Cincinnati? Nah. BYU? Maybe, but doubtful.


Despite all the money. I wouldn’t wanna be a college basketball coach in today’s environment. All the wrong things are rewarded.


Neither the TW article nor his media availability were a good look for coach. We need to play better? No s#!t! We need to coach better? You reckon so Mike? You’ve had 7 years for that, please dude…

He didn’t win before NIL, and now he’s using NIL as an excuse for why he can’t win now. Even with the Cade year it was just one NCAA tourney win. Need to cut ties and go ahead and start over…


I don’t think Coach Boynton is wrong about NIL struggles and the competitive disadvantage schools like OSU have compared to the really big blue blood athletic programs. Cowboys fans don’t really want to admit this, but OSU will always be behind those programs. Conference realignment only makes this worse. OSU is a small school, comparatively. As a land grant institution with no law school or (MD) medical school, not a lot of alumni are extremely wealthy. That being said, OSU can compete NIL-wise against many of the teams in the ne Big 12. There’s no reason OSU can’t be as good as Iowa State or KSU every year in basketball. Truth be told, though, college athletics has changes and not for the better. You’re going to see many programs left behind.

Now, OSU’s in-game play and coaching has been atrocious and that’s squarely on Boynton. No excuses for that.


Has NIL and the transfer portal affected the way programs operate and rosters are built? Absolutely. But….fans and coaches acting like it’s somehow changing the ability to get certain players……is off base. Go look at recruiting PRE-NIL. The best players were going to the same schools as they do now. It hasn’t changed who gets what players….its just changed the method by which they get them. OSU football recruiting is the same now as it was prior to NIL taking off. OU’s is too. For Boynton to even hint like NIL is keeping OSU from recruiting as they had before is merely a smokescreen to deflect from the poor job he’s done. It’s the lowest hanging fruit for fans and coaches to pick out to explain away their own teams lack of success. Go look at who was winning before NIL……go look at who was recruiting at a high level before NIL……go look at where the biggest recruits were going before NIL……ITS STILL THE SAME.


Soothsayer……what was OSU’s recruiting program prior to NIL? What was OSU football’s program/recruiting prior to NIL? Tell me what difference it’s made? Because I don’t see it……

THANK YOU!! :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

Is Boynton blaming this seasons losses to Abilene Christian, St. Bonaventure and Southern Illinois (among others) on NIL? Please leave now.


Surely you aren’t serious?? What in the hell would that accomplish??

It’ll be very interesting to see the energy and effort from the team tomorrow.

One homework assignment for us all: watch how much difficulty we have inbounding the ball from beneath our opponent’s basket; and also watch how frequently we are scored on after our opposition inbounds the ball beneath our basket.

I don’t follow hoops much at all. But,a coach like Boynton will have no trouble keeping the lockerroom in tact. I don’t think a lack of effort, energy or pride will be a problem.

NIL money isn’t out there bricking free throws every game.


I’ll say we are recruiting better in basketball. We have a roster full of 4-5 star players so it’s the coaching or highly overrated players. Same as football Ketchup. You know yourself lots of kids aren’t rated high enough. But I’m getting off topic
If 1.5 million is what is keeping us from winning that’s false or we don’t have anyone that gives a chit about basketball?
Porter was pitiful his first 2-3 seasons. Evidently he went out and got players He was on a very hot seat last year. I doubt they have big donors for basketball

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I assume you’re referring to Porter Moser. He wasn’t on the hot seat last year……it was only year #2. If he doesn’t make the tourney this year, then it will really start to get hot.

Yeah again, I’m not real in-tuned with hoops recruiting. I just know that NIL/Portal hasn’t completely changed who gets what players. It’s tweaked it a tad……but again….its nothing more than an excuse for some coaches to use when they don’t win.

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[quote=“KetchupSicle, post:15, topic:20402, full:true”]
I don’t follow hoops much at all. [/quote]


My point is, we have no chance at basketball even if we threw all of Boone’s money at it. Any player that could make a difference isn’t staying more than a year. Why throw major money at something if it doesn’t bring a national title or at least a big 12 title?

We could spend a lot less money and dominate any other sport (except for football).

In a perfect world all of this NIL and transfer BS would get fixed, but we know that’s not happening anytime soon.