Mike Boynton Gives Latest on OSU's NCAA Appeal

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In this case, no news right now is good news.

As long as we have the # 1 draft player they will let it slide.

Like they did with memphis and James Wiseman?

Scott get off this site. Go root for another team unless you’re a closet fan of another team then oh yeah go to another site in that case as well.

NCAA wants to draw a lot of fans to the game, results in more revenue from television.
That is why OU was selected instead of OSU that year we beat Kansas twice. OU had more tv appeal because the world wanted to see Trey Young. Now the world wants to see Cade Cunningham. So maybe the NCAA delays the hammer blow till after the tournament in order to preserve the cash cow that is Cade Cunningham? If the NCAA was smart, that is what they would do. But we have seen the NCAA do so many things that cannot be considered to be smart. So no one really knows how it will turn out. At this point the Cowboys’ chances of being invited to the tournament are dwindling anyway. 2 losses to TCU doesn’t go unnoticed. Have to upset Texas or sweep Kansas to cover up that blemish. And have to at least split Bedlam. A tall order for a team playing so inconsistently and without a true big man to guard the rim, and without enough 3 point shooters. But in spite of those deficiencies what I like the most about this team is what we have not seen a lot of in previous years. So many players driving to the basket instead of trying to rely on the 3 pointer. We needed more drives by the Iceman against TCU but he just was not there that game.

It’s just mind boggling that Mike boynton’s teams always have players hurt or miss games for one reason or another. I mean wtf are his practices like?As far as what hurts us in games are free throw shooting and pure shooters and a pure big and a pure point guard. Issac is a player that needs to come off the bench from here on out. Issac is just too limited with what he can do athletically. He is just too slow to get around anybody and can’t shoot and can’t hit free throws.

You have hit on all of the points that I agree with. Amazing this team has upset really good teams even though we have no real shooter and have no true big men. These would not be close games if Ice would not have been injured for a month now. Flavors seems like he might be cooking now. And somehow a coach has to get Cade to play offense in the first half. I think it must be some kind of mental thing going on. Get the kid a few sessions with a good sports psychologist and fix the problem. And those kids should not be allowed to leave the gym after games without shooting tons of free throws since they stink at the line. This is where coaching comes into play. Going forward there has to be better recruiting to address these glaring deficiencies. I just can’t imagine playing in the Big 12 without having a big talented body under the rim. But on the other hand I enjoy this team driving to the basket instead of previous teams that lived and died by the 3 point attempts. Avery still has to learn how to slow down in order to stay in control. And better shot selection is obviously needed. Once again, that comes down to coaching.

I’m wonder how ice was a high pro prospect
But has got worse. Goes back to player development

Boone and Anderson seem to be developing quite well.

Agreed, player development is not what it used to be under Eddie Sutton. Big Country was a project when he started and Hank Iba expressed real doubts about him to Eddie. As for Ice, it just could be a problem with his foot that has effected his performance as of late. Hard to play that game with one bum foot. If he returns next season he should be fine. But he sure does stink at the free throw line.