Mike Boynton on OSU's Big 12 Start: 'Our Fans Deserve Better'

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OSU’s head man is honest about the state of his club.

Shooters have to go get their shot and make their shot.

Do that, and they will win more than lose.

All will be forgiven.

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The lack of development by McGriff is really disappointing for me. Thought his game would have risen the last 2 years. Dont hear enough from him. Hope the whole team can turn it around

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All of our guys were throwing up bricks the first Ten minutes, then we started driving the paint and good things happened. We came out the second have and threw up bricks for the rest of the game. I would start dizzy and bench waters in the next game. how can we bricks so many shots on our home court? This team does not play like they want to win, if they don’t jump out to an early lead, they just crawl back into there shell and wait for the thumping to begin. Not a good team

I like everything about Coach Boynton except the record this year. He says the right things. How many coaches say we deserve to be criticized and our fans deserve better. I really hope he turns this thing around because as good as he is in everything else, he needs to win.

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Give him another 12 years and he’ll win a conference title.


Go google what a Udoka Azubuike (5 blocks) is and you might understand the disparity between when OSU drove the paint and did not. Secondly, Dizzy did not pass the ball that I recall (although somehow did record an assist) and jacked up 3 bricks. Waters had 3 assists, scored 2 FG, and only had 2 bricks. In what world does starting Dizzy over Waters help anything?

I’m not sold that Cunningham steps on GIA for a game. What is the upside from his perspective at this point? Also he is a terrific talent facilitating wise but what will we put on the floor that complements his game when the 2 “best” players #00 & #13 don’t have games suited to Cunningham’s strengths. And if he is a 1 & done are you really building a foundation? What do we currently have projected for the yr after that makes you think we are even top 1/2 in the Big12? Time to seriously think about ending this experiment after this season.

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I agree do away with the basketball program all together and give the money to Gundy.

Idk why more isn’t said about his offensive sets. They run the same thing over and over that half the time they are yelling at each other to get in the right spots. Clearly a change in offensive game plans would help. Also shooting, I agree with other posters if they just make shots a lot would be better

Soooo… glad waters hasn’t started the last 2 games