Mike Boynton Pushes Back against 'Stick to Sports' Narrative

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I’m always bothered when people say the words, ‘stick to sports’ because I think it’s actually quite the opposite."

Coach Mike is awesome. You set a great example for all of us.

Totally agree with Coach B. This is much bigger than sports, our political affiliation, your religious beliefs, even your nationality. This is a mixture of races and cultures that need to get along for the benefit of all. No race is better than another. No religion is holier than another. No culture is greater than the next. We are all made in God’s image. What that image is depends on your personal preferences. God is not one color or one gender. God is a belief in something greater than all of us. Compassion, understanding, tolerance are things we can all do a better job in our actions and words.

I’ve said it once but it is worth repeating - there is another Mike on our campus that could learn a lot from this Mike.


God is not what??? No gender? He was a baby boy in a manger! Mary was his mom hello! What kind of non stuff are you preaching? And he was Jewish also for crying out loud.

Sports eliminate racism because as a team, they try to eliminate excuses and victimhood. Instead, they instill attitude and work practices for success. It’s about accountability to yourself and your team. Nobody feels sorry for you in sports. Sports doesn’t care about your background or your socioeconomic status. You work to achieve. You have the talent to achieve. You combine those things and you become successful. In sports, you don’t have bleeding hearts for the lazy or those who lack talent. If you don’t have the talent to play at this level, you better find something else to try. The lessons of sports teach the lessons of achieving in life. Unfortunately, in life, things get murky with policy and lack of accountability all the time. And then comes the finger pointing. And then comes all the junk.

JESUS was born in a manger, not God. Read your bible.

I am not preaching. JESUS was born in a manger per the Bible. Joseph and Mary were of Jewish faith. Again per the Bible.
I am solely speaking to MY beliefs and opinion. That is my right. You can believe what you want. That is your right. End of this discussion.

Trinitarian theology intersecting with Oklahoma State basketball is a place where I feel comfortable stating that I am the world’s foremost leading expert in this subject.

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