Mike Boynton Releases Statement Thanking Many for His Time OSU, Wishes Program Well Moving Forward

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‘We haven’t delivered great results and therefore, we’re moving on.’

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Usually it’s a great feeling when an unsuccessful coach gets fired. Such as Travis Ford. But not so with Mike Boynton. Mixed feelings about this. Relieved to have the opportunity to find a better coach. But regret whoever gets hired will not be a better person than Mike is
He was a victim of the Peter Principle. Get promoted to your level of incompetence.
I think Chad knew before this season started that this was his last chance. He most likely already had a list of coaches that he planned to pursue. Because of NIL we can expect to see frequent changes of coaches. You have a good season and big money schools then grab your talent, coach and players. College basketball now stinks due to the money grab. When feeling bad for Mike, I will cheer up knowing that he’s set for life walking away with $8 million. He actually hit the lottery by getting canned.
Now Chad will be tested. No way Doug is the prodigal son. There will be no second coming.
Experienced and successful need only apply. Chad didn’t spend $8 million to now hire an unknown and gamble. He’s been given permission to spend some bucks to completely revive a dead program. Forget about a softball stadium. Buy a coach who can then buy the right players. Small and Garrison will be gone. The worse thing under Boynton was not seeing Bryce Thompson reach his full potential. Q. developed.
Good hunting to Chad and Mike.


A better person doesn’t always equal results. College sports is a big time business and when you get paid millions to win and you fail you get fired. This is how the world works. No time for for sympathy only time for moving forward with the plan to be successful. Thank you Chad for moving forward. Let’s get this train rolling!!

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If you know who fails to win more than 8 games next year he should follow as well. It’s time for a new era in osu sports.

I’d rather have the softball stadium. That program wins and that coach we need to keep. OSU basketball is never going to be better than mid. Cowboys fans don’t want to admit it, but for most of its history, its never been better than mid. Take out the 1940s and brief time in the 90s (which they never won a title), OSU basketball has stunk.

Now, Coach Boynton is all class, a much better person than most of us. I thank him and wish him nothing but the best.


Baylor used to suck, too. OSU football used to suck. Just because, historically, the program has been average, doesn’t mean that it can’t be great with the right infusion of coaching and commitment on the part of the administration. I’m excited for the next chapter.

When Travis Ford was fired I was happy to see the coach and the person leave town. With Boynton it is definitively mixed emotions. It was time for a coaching change… the results just weren’t there. However, I really enjoyed Mike Boynton the man. If he was ever back in Gallagher Iba to take in a game and they put him on the jumbotron I would stand and cheer for him. He will always be a Cowboy in my book.


In the 1990s are you referring to winning a B8/B12 title or national title? Eddie’s first team in Stilly tied for the B8 regular season title. As well, Sutton’s 1995 team won the 1995 B8 Tournament.

Exactly. Honestly outside of 4-5 schools, everyone’s dream goal is Final Four and Coach Sutton accomplished that.

National titles. But even if you want to talk conference titles, a share and a tournament? Not that great.

Historically, the program has been far worse than average. Can OSU be good? Sure. Basketball is probably the easiest sport to get good in because you only need a couple of great players and some good role players to win. Do I think OSU basketball will ever be great? No, I don’t. That wasn’t my point. I hear so many fans say OSU is a great job with tradition, etc. and that simply isn’t true. OSU is not a great basketball program, historically. Sutton had good teams in the 90s-early 2000s, but even then, the program wasn’t some juggernaut.

Sutton also won the regular season B12 in 2003 and added B12 tourney titles in 2003 & 2004. If you are too young to remember those times, OSU Basketball was extremely popular and those were considered great times.

Reread what I wrote. “Sutton had good teams in the 90s-early 2000s, but even then, the program wasn’t some juggernaut.” In 2002, OSU made it to the tournament and lost in first round; in 2023, the Cowboys won one NCAA tournament game. Not that great. I am certainly not too young to remember those times, but most of the current students weren’t even born then.

You are unwittingly making my point. You have to go back 20 years to find a time when OSU had any success in the Big 12. Even then, the season finished pretty mediocrely. OSU is not a great program and even in the glory days, wasn’t all that great. I’m not saying the Cowboys can’t be a good program and certainly should be better, but fans need to have realistic expectations.

OSU didn’t even make the NCAA tournament in 2023. Instead of me reading what you wrote, why don’t you check your own mistakes.