Mike Gundy Again Says His 2011 OSU Team Would Have Beat LSU in BCS Championship

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He’s right.

If they don’t lose the turnover battle 5-3 and blow a 17 point lead in Ames they are playing LSU for the national title.

OSU very well could’ve won, but Gundy is incorrect that LSU was scoring only 20pts per game and OSU would’ve had to be in the 40s probably to win. LSU scored 35 or more in all but 3 games (2 of which were against Bama) and prior to the Championship had scored 41 against No. 3 Arkansas on Nov. 25 and 42 against No. 12 Georgia in the SEC CG. So he’s not giving their offense enough credit IMO.


Gundy is as full of chit as a Thanksgiving Turkey. He’s wrong on that just like when he says we would have played for 6 or 7 conference championships. If we had a conference championship game in 2011 he could have lost it.

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I thought the meme about Globo gym was funny.

Gundy is correct when he said he could have beat LSU. The Cowboy offense was unbeatable that season. I watched the Iowa State game which happened on the day of the plane crash that killed the OSU women’s basketball coach. So watching the team play that night was like watching a tire that had been deflated. There was no energy to the team and the atmosphere felt like there was a black cloud hanging over that stadium in Ames. It was a Friday night game. That’s was my perception at the time but the loss just might have been the result of a great team feeling overly confident playing a lousy team that night. I don’t recall ISU’s record that season but I am pretty sure they were not yet good back then. I suspect that Gundy thinks that probably was his once in a lifetime shot at winning it all. And he would be right about that.
I think it’s a bunch of B.S. that Gundy thinks he’s too busy to meet with his players from 2011. For a team like that you make time. Such arrogance.

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I guess nobody caught it when he said “if it was set up like it is today, we would have been in the play off. I guess those things don’t drive me as much” there you go gundy lovers…he said it not me. He dosent have the drive that a 5,000,000 dollar man should have I’m sorry. That chit just pisses me off and should piss of anybody that’s associated with Osu football. Guess not much drives you then gundy.

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I totally agree on gundy being too busy for his players. That is chit and that’s why I dont like the guy. Pathetic man!

That’s why no gundy supporters have committed and how could you?

Just can’t help yourself can you, pathetic

I’m going to guess you were the one that called into the Sports Animal today and said OSU is going to win the Big 12 and the Dallas Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl. Either you or Robert.

Harry and Loyd still believe he can though.

I don’t listen to the Animal like you….are you Traber ? Certainly a goon fan :joy::cowboy_hat_face:

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As a sooner fan I’ve never changed my stance on the 2011 season. If that was Texas or OU with that exact same record and loss they would have been in the championship and yes OSU would have beat LSU decidedly. It’s a joke that Bama was handed that championship. Crazy to think of how different things could be today had the Pokes gotten the Natty that year.

My personal opinion is that Friday night game in Aimes should have been, at the very least.
, postponed until the next day given the circumstances.


Good post @Watermelon my exact thoughts on what could have been. They will never convince me the plane crash didn’t bother that team

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That was always my thoughts

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Y’all shut up about how we could have won this or that. If Gundy was half the coach he has been paid to be, he would have won another conference title and proved 2011 wasn’t a fluke.

If he was being paid half he would be coach at tulsa they would Iove that

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1 fluke season don’t make him special. He’s a middle of the conference coach in a weak conference.

Come from a middle aged goatroper that means alot