Mike Gundy: Bedlam Comeback a 'Culture Win' for Program

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Gundy called it a big win for the program after his team showed championship mettle.

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First 2 1/2 quarters felt like typical Bedlam. All the breaks and the calls going OU’s way other than Presley’s kick return. Then suddenly felt there was a sea change, the lucky breaks went OSU’s way, the referee calls went OSU’s way. Was truly amazing to watch. Not the dominance of the 2011 win or the pluckiness of the 2014 win. Truly could have easily seen this team just give up, instead they rallied, pressed on, and won. I don’t see OU being eager to stay for a couple more years, nor do I see them wanting to schedule Bedlam in the future. So if the rivalry ends here, what a way to end it!


If we never play them again, then so be it. If I’m being honest with you, I’d be happy to never play them again unless it’s in a bowl/playoff game.


Spencer still has a hard time seeing the field. He had guys wide open and still tries to throw in triple coverage. If it wasn’t for his feet I don’t think he could start for Kansas. Defense!!!

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I saw a tweet that said we have never lost to a team leaving to the SEC. I just love it!! I haven’t heard from the ou fans I know… Wonder where they are?


I have. About half we’re cool. The other half are on the whole “yOu oNLy WOn CauSe oF tHe rEfs!” nonsense train :unamused:

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