Mike Gundy Calls Texas A&M 'Best 7-5 Team in History of NCAA'

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He makes a good point!

Of course he did. King of lowering expectations and a guaranteed contract strikes again.

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There is no doubt aTm has had a tough schedule. I hope we continue to make it look tough.


You deserve a thousand thumbs up for this comment. Exactly what I was thinking. Already making excuses for a potential (and probable) bowl loss.

What are you guys wanting him to say? This is pretty standard issue coach speak that isn’t nearly as nefarious as y’all are trying to make it.

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Greatest 7-5 team ever in NCAA history is coach speak? I don’t think Gundy spends much time looking at teams that aren’t on oSu’s schedule. l agree there is a pattern or Gundy being impressed with the other teams roster.

Yes. Same as Saban declaring Auburn as the best team they played this year in the lead up to the Iron Bowl.

Sure they are. And OSU will contend for a Big 12 Championship for the remainder of Gundy’s coaching tenor. The golf team will. The wrestling team will. The baseball team will. And probably the soccer and softball teams but not football. 3G Baby. Gundy’s Gotta Go.

Fisher said similar compliments about us, whether he believes it or not doesn’t really matter. It’s your standard run of the mill bowl coach speak.

Gundy just upped the ante by throwing ‘best in history’ on it, which is laughably hard to verify. :rofl:

Wasn’t that also an “Aggy” thing ATM fans used to say in their Big 12 days after most season. Or has that Texas after ATM bailed? Either way it is funny but true on both accounts.