Mike Gundy Doing Shirtless Pushups in 100 Degree Heat is the Video You Didn't Know You Needed

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/mike-gundy-doing-shirtless-pushups-in-100-degree-heat-is-the-video-you-didnt-know-you-needed/

Gundy providing some incredible offseason content for the blog.

We know joy and jug will be busy in the bathroom after this shots.

He is the man great article

Really? Who gives a dam about this? I’d rather see a picture of Gundy hoisting up his second conference title trophy instead. Well……one can dream anyway.

You have to be super ultra mega gay to even make a comment like that. Notice how you were the first one to comment here?

Im first on alot of post so your still an idiot. Jug takes all the time about gundy shirtless. I figured it ran in the family. I guess you still in the closet

You’re the one that said it’s a great article. I think we all know why :eyes:

Lol like usaul you do your trademark jr high flip back. Its ok you dream of gundy just go with it.

Pretty much saying hey guys i can do this,you can do kind of thing,& hopefully bring in recruits

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Was that Gundy or Putin? Either way they both seem really proud of themselves.

I knew this would get you going. You and your shirtless gundy pics

Gundy and Putin are both overrated.

Putin has trouble with Ukraine and Gundy has trouble with Central Michigan.

You have trouble with your shovel so its a troubled world.

Can you name a coach who loves being pictured shirtless more than Gundy except maybe Sherry Coale.

Can you name a fan more obsessed with gundy more then you except maybe joy.

You could let dead dogs lay but you got to keep show your obsession. I can always count on you 2

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Comparing Gundy to a dead dog might be a little harsh.

Only you would come up with that. That wasnt a comparison. The dead dog is you dragging out your lil obsession.

Were coming of our 3 best season ever and you have to cry about your obsession. One time i would like you gurls at least wait for the first lose of the next season before crying.

So now people can say “gay” and “retarded” without getting a suspension on here? The woke comment police on here must be slacking🤣

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